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Kleinpartei ADD campaigns with Erdogan for German Turks

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

Erdogan's meddling in the Bundestag election campaign is anger for many German politicians. Now a small party is explicitly promoting a statement and a photo of the Turkish president.

The Alliance of German Democrats (ADD) promotes posters with a picture of Erdogan and the quotation "Turkey Friends – Stand with them! Give them your voices! Grow with them!" All parties who are not turkish, said Ertan Toker, a parliamentary candidate of the Migrant Party, who enjoys Erdogan's benevolence.

According to Toker, the posters hang in Cologne, Duesseldorf, Duisburg and Essen. Other cities should follow, Toker said. He understood the quotation as a call to the election and thus as "enriching democracy", as many Turks were not elected.

  Retourkutsche for Green Posters?
Gökay Sofuoglu, German President of the Turkish Community in Germany, said he had seen the ADD poster with Erdogan's photo "as satire". "A head of state should actually fight against the fact that his name is so abused in a foreign election campaign," he said. In the German party landscape, there were enough parties in which people with migration background could work and achieve their goals. "I do not consider a special migrant party necessary." ADD founder, Ramazan Akbas, said the poster was also a reaction to anti-Erdogan posters, such as the Greens. These advertise with "Erdogan annoy, choose Özdemir!".

The ADD was founded in 2016 in response to the Armenian resolution of the Bundestag. It received 0.1 percent of the votes in the NRW parliamentary election. For the Bundestagswahl it occurs only in North Rhine-Westphalia.


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