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Kim's radioactive gas polls South Korea

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | World News

New outrage in the North Korean conflict: South Korean experts have discovered traces of radioactive gas somewhere a week and a half after the recent North Korean nuclear test.

At several measuring stations in South Korea, xenon 133 isotopes, which originated from North Korea, were reported by the authorities in Seoul. It is true that, according to the experts, these gases alone can not be used to draw conclusions as to which explosives had been ignited. However, the isotope discovered does not originate from natural sources and was also detected after previous North Korean atomic tests.

North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb at the beginning of September. The Security Council of the United Nations imposed new sanctions on Monday. North Korea criticized this on Wednesday sharply and announced that he would be even more strongly against a threatened from his point of view threatening invasion of the USA. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump called for much sharper punishment. The latest sanctions were "just another small step", he said. "No big deal." It was a good thing that the UN Security Council unanimously agreed on the new measures. "But these sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately has to happen."

North Korea wants to continue course
The Foreign Ministry in Pyongyang told the official news agency KCNA that the sanctions were a violation of the right to self-defense. They aimed to "stifle" the country and its population by means of a complete economic blockade. North Korea will double its efforts to protect its sovereignty and its right to exist, as well as to maintain peace and security in the region, by "making the practical balance with the US".

Lee Mi-seon, the director of the South Korean earthquake and volcanic authority, will inform a press conference about a presumably artificially triggered earthquake in North Korea. (Source: dpa)

The original sanctions draft of the US had been weakened in order to receive the support of veto members Russia and China. In particular, a complete embargo on oil supplies to North Korea, most of which come from China, has been averted. Nevertheless, according to the Chinese traders and regular visitors of the internationally almost completely isolated country, the total punishment measures now have an effect. Among other things, fuel would become scarcer and more expensive.

China calls for restraint
After several missile and atomic tests, the conflict with North Korea, which has been ongoing for years, has intensified massively. Trump wants to prevent North Korea from filling a long-range bomb with a nuclear bomb. The most recent highlight was the presumed hydrogen bomb test. It was the sixth and strongest test ever. Satellite images showed massive damage to the test site, according to the Washington-based research project 38North. In addition, there had been activities in another area. These could be preparations for further underground tests.

China once again called the USA and North Korea to restraint. One is at a crossroads. The US and North Korea had to break through the devil's circle of atomic tests and sanctions, according to a leading article of the Party "Volkszeitung".


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