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Kimi Rikknen suggests: Ron Dennis cried crocodiles

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

September 8, 2017 – 16:11
The Finn apparently does not believe that his boss was running his first Grand Prix victory in 2003 – nevertheless, the ratio was "very good"

Ron Dennis's feeling is not even clear for the "Iceman"


(cafetheology.org) When Kimi Rikknen clinched his first Formula One success at McLaren in 2003 and won his first victory in the Knigsklasse, Ron Dennis put his face in the final round the hands. It seemed as if the tears were squatting down the cheeks of the team boss at the commandant's office, who was an eccentric and calculating figure. Rikknen doubts with so many feelings at 'Sky Sports F1': "Real wines or crocodile streams?", He asks. The Finn adds: "That's how Formula One is." If Dennis had preempted his emotions, it would probably be under the term marketing. For he was the one who had brought Rikkne as a 23-year-old against the resistance and under the austerity of the doubters from Sauber to McLaren. Despite his misinterpretation of the wrong tears and the disappointment of the following years, Rikknen has no resentment against Dennis: "People believe we had a bad relationship, but it was very good, of course, there were a few differences of opinion, but that's the way it is, "the today's Ferrari driver waved. Nevertheless, Rikknen believes that Sauber would have been a good – not to say better – environment for him. The "Iceman" swept from the start of his Formula One career in Hinwil: "It was perfect for me – not so many people , a smaller team and a great car that we had this year. "



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