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Kimi Rikknen: Rally-Gastspiel was not a mistake

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Sports

06. September 2017 – 18:03

Kimi Rikknen showed his talent for rallying, but returned to Formula One

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(cafetheology.org) – Kimi Rikknen is one of the few pilots to celebrate a successful Formula One comeback after a two-year break. But was the attempt to catch up in the 2010 and 2011 Rallyesport Fu, a mistake? "For me it was not a mistake at all", defends the now 37-year-old Finn against 'Sky Sports F1' his then decision. "I've made a lot of mistakes at the special stages, but that's part of the rallying." In fact, Rikknen Mhe had the right limit. The co-operation with a co-pilot was a big challenge for the Citroen pilot, whose rallying trip was supported by Red Bull. Although the big breakthrough did not succeed, Rikkonen likes to look back on time. "The atmosphere is friendlier because you do not run directly against each other," he says. "You are running against the clock, so there are no direct struggles, one with the other. I really enjoyed this and would not change afterwards." But why did Rikknen split at the end of 2009 from Ferrari to return to Maranello in 2014? ? "There were many reasons," answers Rikknen. "They obviously wanted something else at the time, I had a contract, but everything was cleared, and I was quite happy to leave the team."


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