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Kim Jong Un wants to achieve "balance of power" with the USA

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | World News

North Korea does not want to be deterred from its nuclear weapons program by stiffer sanctions. The project would be completed in spite of all the punitive measures, informed Kim Jong Un.

The target is to establish a balance of power with the US and warn the US government to take military action against North Korea, Kim told the state news agency KCNA. With the recent rocket test, she Kim pleased.

USA: end of the flagpole soon reached
According to Kim, the country's nuclear weapons were nearing completion. The goal was to have the capacities for a nuclear counter-attack on the US. Further rocket tests would follow.

The US held a military option after Friday's North Korean test. While this was not the first election of the government of President Donald Trump, its National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Friday. However, the end of the flagpole was soon reached, as regards the possibilities of sanctions and diplomacy to limit the Atroprogramme of the Asian country.

China: Trump should refrain from threats
Trump will also make clear before the United Nations General Assembly that it is important to put extreme pressure on North Korea, said his spokeswoman. He will also speak bilaterally with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping.

The Chinese ambassador in Washington called on the US to refrain from threats against North Korea. "To be honest, I believe that the US should do much more than before so that there is genuine, effective international cooperation in this matter," said Cui Tiankai.

Northkorea had shot a rocket over Japan on Friday. Scientists named their range of 3700 kilometers remarkable: North Korea had demonstrated that it could reach the US Pacific island of Guam. The goal accuracy of the projectile is still bad. North Korea had recently threatened an attack on the US territory.

The UN Security Council condemned the recent North Korea rocket test at an emergency meeting. It was an "outrageous action," it said in a statement. "The Security Council stresses that these actions are not just a threat to the region, but to all UN Member States." The panel had tightened the sanctions against the country just a few days ago after a nuclear test in North Korea, prohibited textile imports and limited crude oil imports.


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