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Kim Jong Un "begging for war"

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | World News

The US ambassador to the United Nations has accused North Korea's ruler of the war. The deeds of the country showed that Kim Jong Un "begs for war," said Nikki Haley. Members of the UN Security Council called for stricter sanctions against North Korea at a meeting.

"It is enough that war is never something the United States wants, but we do not want it now, but the patience of our country is not unlimited," Haley said during an emergency session of the UN Security Council. The session had been convened after North Korea had tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.

The US wanted to target North Korea's economic partner to isolate the country, Haley announced. "The United States will consider any country that deals with North Korea as a country to help their ruthless and dangerous nuclear intentions," Haley said. It could no longer be at stake. Your country will propose a resolution this week in the hope that this next week will be passed.

  The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations told reporters after the Security Council meeting, that sanctions alone would not solve the problem and that there should be negotiations. "Resolutions aimed only at sanctions against North Korea have not worked so well," said Vasily Bestsya.

Diplomats from France, Great Britain and Italy also demanded stricter sanctions. France's Ambassador François Delattre said France wants new sanctions, a rapid implementation of the existing and new, separate sanctions of the EU.

Jeffrey Feltman, UN Secretary-General for Political Affairs, said the Bombentest was a dangerous provocation that destabilized the region and the international community. He demanded a comprehensive response.


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