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Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg Hatch plagiaristic affair: "Have all consequences suffered"

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | World News

A lot of applause and many sayings: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is back. In his old home Kulmbach, the former defense minister makes an election campaign for the CSU. He picks up the plagiarist factions on the open stage and he hears speculation.

What is now under the glittering discokugel of Kulmbacher Stadthalle? A brief act of penance to start the political comeback? Or personal words, just to take the audience for themselves? But the approximately 1200 guests in the crowded hall are already enthusiastic on Wednesday night. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, formerly a federal defense minister and overthrown over a partly copied doctorate, is back.

The 45-year-old is from the USA to make an election campaign for the CSU. First station: his home Kulmbach in Oberfranken. The tribe seat of its noble family is only a few kilometers away.

Six years after his plagiarism, he first showed himself repentantly: "I have suffered all the consequences," says Guttenberg. "But I can say for so long time for me, now is also sometimes good." Applause bursts up.

"Not all America is made up of blond soldiers"
Guttenberg does not go directly into the discarded dissertation, which abruptly interrupted his steep career in politics in 2011. He speaks of an "absolutely self-inflicted" error and of "mockery and hammes", which he has received. But enough of repentance. He is now flirting with the topic: He is consciously standing in front of the lectern, says Guttenberg. He did not want to run a "copied speech". Rejoice. Here, a well-known doctoral title seems to be no longer a problem. The spectators in the Stadthalle Kulmbach celebrated Guttenberg. (Source: Matthias Merz / dpa)

 An hour and 20 minutes Guttenberg talks mainly about foreign and security policy. About US President Donald Trump, for example. He continues to promote good relations with the US: "Not all of America is made up of blond men." Germany should not look "across the Atlantic with" cleverness and know-how ".

Guttenberg blows about "Gazprom-Gerd"
Turkey, North Korea, refugee crisis, Europe – Guttenberg speaks seriously, sometimes he jokes. He criticizes Gerhard Schröder's dealings with the SPD in Russia. Schröder is "Gazprom-Gerd" for him. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) praises him – and is quite the election campaigner for the union: "The country is in her best hands with her."

  SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz is only "the man from Wurselen" for Guttenberg. His sayings have partly Bierzelt level, for example, when he says on the theme of Leitkultur, that the Sankt-Martins-moving is not a festival of lights and the Christkindlesmarkt is not a winter festival. Clearly, many people want to hear from the rural imprinted upper rifle just like that. When he asked for a passion for Europe, he said that, despite the refugee agreement with Turkey, one could not be blackmailed.

The glamor couple of German politics is back
In the casual jacket and open white shirt collar white Guttenberg with usual grin exactly, what the people here are expecting: "My homeland was, and will always be, this top bar." And for the many cameras there is in the end a hug with wife Stephanie. It is almost as before, when the two were regarded as a glamor pair of German politics.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg now supports the CSU in the election campaign in all regions of Bavaria! Pic.twitter.com/T8akHqdOrB- CSU (@CSU) August 30, 2017
But what about the comeback chances for the former political star? CSU boss Horst Seehofer makes no secret of the fact that he wants a return from Guttenberg – not only as an election campaigner, as now in the coming weeks on a series of appointments in free-time. But where he sees "KT", Seehofer is silent. Quite a few in the party see in Guttenberg an important strategic figure, with which Seehofer the power ambitions of Finance Minister Markus Söder in the country as in the party could slow.

He is a "committed citizen" here, Guttenberg merely lets know. On the election day on September 24, he will be back in the US. There he had built up a new life. He said, "God's blessing and goodbye."


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