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Judges leave second suspect free

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | World News

One week after the attacks in Catalonia, the investigator has temporarily released another of the four allegedly suspected members of the terrorist cell. Meanwhile, a second dead man from the bomb workshop of the extremists was identified.

Salah el Karib has to appear every Monday at the court and can not leave Spain, ordered the investigator according to "El Mundo". From the business of the 34-year-old, airline tickets for the Imam Abdelbaki Es Satty were purchased, the presumed head of the cell.

Already on Tuesday, investigator Fernando Andreu had released the 27-year-old Mohamed Allaa, the owner of the car, which had been used in the defeated attack in Cambrils, from the investigative detention.

21-year-old Mohamed Houli Chemlal and 28-year-old Driss Oukabir, on the other hand, have to stay behind bars until the eventual opening of a procedure. The two are among other things terrorism and murder, Chemlal also accused explosives.

After the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils, the fighters had shot six members of the twelve-man group with 15 dead and more than 120 injured. One day before the assassinations, the explosion of their bomb workshop had killed the head of the terrorist cell and another person, who was now identified.

 Second dead identified from bomb workshop
The second body was Youssef A., the police said on Thursday. In the house the suspects stored more than one hundred butane bottles and material for the production of the explosive TAPT. Also an explosive belt was found there. According to statements by arrested members of the group, the cell originally intended to use explosives for sightseeing. After the explosion and the death of the Imam, they changed their plan.

One of them killed 13 people with a transporter on the Ramblas in Barcelona and another one on the run. Five members of the cell wanted to kill passers-by in the coastal town of Cambrils with knives and an ax, but they were caught in a police check and fled a woman who died as a result. The five men were shot by the police.



Surveillance camera to show assassin of Cambrils In the Spanish small town of Cambrils, a woman had died in the attack. The five attackers were immediately shot by the police.
 In the Spanish town of Cambrils, a woman was killed in the attack. The five attackers were immediately shot by the police.
  (Source: Reuters)

One of these dead was, according to the police, a brother of the now identified Youssef A .. Another brother was admitted to the car, which drove the attackers of Cambrils. He was arrested, but was again released on Wednesday due to lack of evidence.


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