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Jorge Lorenzo with less topspeed, but more confidence

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 | Sports

05. August 2017 – 18:07

Jorge Lorenzo is a fan of the new disguise and praises the cornering behavior

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(cafetheology.org) – For Ducati it did not reach the first row after a successful first training day on Saturday in Brno. However, Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo were able to create good starting positions for the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic on Sunday in qualifying (complete report). "The grip on the rear wheel was a problem, but the rear tire is already strong after two laps, and it is not easy to get the riders and the traction too much After fifteen laps the traction goes down again, "explains Dovizioso. Lorenzo also notes, "The track has less grip this year, and there are lots of ground shafts every year, as a new asphalting is needed." Nevertheless, the Ducati pilots came through Saturday and worked alongside their qualifying race pace. Dovizioso draws a positive conclusion: I am happy with today and the weekend. We worked well and had a strong speed. In the qualifying session, I managed a good lap time, it was not a perfect lap, but still good. The fourth starting position is really good. "Dovizioso: feeling dry and in the rain well, the Italian has a good chance on the race track, and he had been on the road for the fourth free practice on used tires of the morning" I can not make a comparison The fastest competition (Honda) followed a different strategy and drove with new tires to compare hard and medium. But I think we are in the top group, "Dovizioso shows optimistically.

Andrea Dovizioso sees himself on the Sunday in the top group fight

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There he is engaged in a close fight. Because five or six drivers are on the road with similar pace, so everything can happen. In addition, it will be cooler tomorrow. "This will have an impact on the bike, but I'm confident in both dry and wet conditions," says the Ducati driver, who, unlike team mate Lorenzo, has not tested the new Aero panel yet – and will postpone this on Monday Dovizioso knows that the test of new parts at a race weekend always carries a certain risk. "We are in a good position, we are fighting for the World Cup, so we decided against the risk, we are concentrating on another area, and I think that is the right decision "New Aero cover costs 7 km / h on the straight line Lorenzo, on the other hand, drove again after his first test run in the second free practice session on Friday also on Saturday with the winglet panel. "I've preferred to drive with this trim because it gives me more stability on the front wheel in most corners," explains the Spaniard. "In the fifth round, we are already starting to lose time, and we are losing a clear lead in the sixth round, compared to the standard trim , But in other areas we are faster in the second, third, fourth gear in the acceleration, so it's the end of it, "Lorenzo says. For him, the bet has already paid off. The Spaniard is much more self-assured and quicker with the disguise on the Ducati.


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