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Jorge Lorenzo analyzes: Concentration error causes fall

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 08:22

After six rounds, Jorge Lorenzo was four and a half seconds ahead

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(cafetheology.org) – Six drivers did not see the target flag during the MotoGP race at Misano. This included Jorge Lorenzo. The Ducati driver showed signs of his old strength at Yamaha as in the past Grands Prix. Lorenzo grabbed the lead after the start and built up a comfortable lead on a wet track. When he started the seventh round, the Spaniard was four and a half seconds ahead of the group. But then he was thrown abruptly in Higgins 6 in turn 6 and was outside. The possible chance for his first victory with Ducati was over in a split second. "The track was trickier in the wet than normal," Lorenzo begins his analysis. "I'm still learning everything about the Ducati, I wanted to change the engine mating, so I lost the concentration in a couple of corners, and I made the change of direction a bit faster and did not use the rear wheel brake I did not stay on the bike. "Lorenzo had to learn how to use the rear wheel brake this year, because he did not use it at Yamaha. "I've fallen so far and it was over," the Misano winner sings from 2011 to 2013. "It's a pity, because I had the first chance of a victory with Ducati, it's just a matter of time before more Podium places and perhaps a victory. " Lorenzo has been growing stronger lately. Now it's time to put all the puzzle pieces together. "He has collapsed at a point where most riders have been caught," says team colleague Andrea Dovizioso, who has seen the crash a bit further. "It was probably the worst corner in the grip, but it was very fast, but not crazy, he took more risk than we did, but that's his style of driving very fast at the start of the race. "Not yet tuned to everything At Lorenzo, everything does not go smoothly and intuitively. He thinks too much when driving. This causes small errors. "The system of the Ducati is somewhat more complex", he draws an electronics comparison with the Yamaha. "It's not natural for me, because I usually do not mind the mapping on a weekend, but I have not adjusted to all the possibilities, so I've lost something of concentration, which is not to drive." " When I changed the direction, I was a bit faster and did not use the rear wheel brake, then the rear wheel slipped away and I flew, I did not expect the crash. "I can not believe it when I'm gone, but if you drive in the rain, it can happen." Lorenzo says, critically, that he can not ride in the rain in the past I won some of these races, I won ten seconds in Jerez in 2011 and 14 in Le Mans in 2012. If I lead a race, then I can make the distance normal to manage well. " The loss raises the 30-year-old to the ninth place in the World Cup. 20 points are missing already on the sixth place Johann Zarco.Then Lorenzo showed that potential exists. In Brno he led to a strategy defeat, in Spielberg he was also in front and in Silverstone were missing just three and a half seconds on the win. "In the dry there was not much missing, but I did not have the best Rennspace," he analyzes the state of things. "We're very close, though, and I think I could have stayed in the top position in the dry, a bit better than Silverstone." "But it rained and I knew I was very strong in the rain, up, I felt strong, I did not push, and I felt even better in the race, we made a change on the set-up, which gave me more confidence, I drove calmly and increased my lead by one second "We can not afford it and we have to survive, but for the future we have to change that, so it probably will not happen again."


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