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Jonathan Rea indicates early career ending

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Sports

30. August 2017 – 09:57

Jonathan Rea is on course this year to go with Troy Bayliss

© Kawasaki

(cafetheology.org) – Since the change to Kawasaki, Jonathen Rea dominates the Superbike World Championship. In the current season, the champion of the past two years is again on the world course and could thus describe the WSBK history books. Until now, no driver has been able to secure the World Cup title three times in a row. Rea would be in the same match with WSBK legend Troy Bayliss. Carl Fogarty's record – the Briton won four Superbike World Championship titles – is within reach. For too long, Rea would not want to drive anymore. "I have another year with Kawasaki, so I think that another two-year contract would be perfect," said the Brit who visited the MotoGP at Silverstone last weekend, "I'm going better than ever and I think racing experience is very important and it would be ideal to stay with Kawasaki and build a future with them, "notes Rea, who has the role of the brand promoter. "But I do not want to look too far into the future because I am lucky to have a contract for the coming season." "I think, however, that my manager will have an entertaining time in the paddock mid-next season then free places and in the Superbike World Championship it is exactly the same, all workmen are free at the end of 2018. It will be an entertaining Silly Season for all, "predicts the Kawasaki pilot who is not looking for free places in the MotoGP like the Superbike world championship paddock and driving our machines, I love working with Kawasaki, and I think I'm too old for the MotoGP, I'm too late for the climb, "Rea realizes February celebrated its 30th birthday.


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