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Jonathan Rea: "Elbow loops are very hard for me"

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Sports

13. September 2017 – 09:09

Oldschool-style: Jonathan Rea does not use acrobatics

© Kawasaki

(cafetheology.org) – In the Grand Prix sport elbow loops have been a good sound for many years. Even in the wet, the MotoGP pilots regularly scratch their elbows on the asphalt. In the Superbike World Championship, only a few pilots set their sights on the spectacular style that is unavoidable in the MotoGP. WSBK champion Jonathan Rea rejects his upper body significantly less in the corners as MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez. Scratching elbows are never seen in the Superbike champion of 2015 and 2016. "The Superbikes are quite big motorcycles and have high tanks, the elbow loops are very hard for me," admits Rea in conversation with 'cafetheology.org' , "In addition, with our tires, we can not drive the tires as in the MotoGP, I think my style is what I've learned over the years." "I always take care of my driving style – both in the races and in the winter "I would always like to try and get better," the Kawasaki pilot, who can easily imagine the body posture, is quick to say in the MotoGP: "My style would fit well into the MotoGP "I can well keep the temperatures in the tires and brakes up." With the current driving style, Rea would be very difficult in the MotoGP. But the Briton is aware of the fact that he has to adapt himself: "With a little bit of time, I would understand how I can get the maximum out of a Grand Prix machine "Rea says:" Elbow loops do not work "In the winter test in November 2016, Rea blasted the assembled MotoGP competition with his Kawasaki Superbike as he drove the fastest time of the test. "At the Jerez November test, the WSBK pilots shared the track with some Grand Prix drivers, and I was able to compare where a MotoGP motorbike is faster and where the Superbike is faster interesting, "recalls the Superbike World Champion.

Rea about WSBK vs. MotoGP: "We can not drive such Schrglagen"

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Rea, who has made a lot of thoughts about the topic of elbow loops, particularly impressed with the extreme positioning of the prototypes: "With the Superbike, it is not possible to grind the elbows, unless you have as much leverage as Baz or Redding "The Pirelli tires have a good traction, and we focus on braking, raising and accelerating the motorcycle to the apex, slowing or accelerating in the MotoGP not very fast, but they take much more momentum, "Rea analyzes. What's the main challenger Davies has to say? Chaz Davies relies on a different driving style. The Ducati driver is much more aggressive than Rea. The styles of the two Britons differ markedly at the entrance to the Kurvene. "He has a different style to drive fast lap times, and he runs another motorbike," Davies commented. "There are many reasons why he is different, I feel like I have to drive as I drive when I want to win races," notes the Ducati factory pilot.

Chaz Davies leaned heavier in the corners as Jonathan Rea

© Ducati

"It's not so good when he's making mistakes, but you can see when he's on the limit, it does not look so aggressive," he says, "but he's not acting so aggressively," Davies explains "If he has to push a phase more, then he can get more out of the bike without striking." Is this frustrating? "It's the way it is, I would not say it's frustrating, I give 100 percent, if it's enough, then we'll win, in the other areas I'll be or be second or third," Davies jokes, adding, "It would be easy to look for excuses here, why they are defeating us or why they are faster, and many factors play a role." Rea is not a good development driver

Jonathan Rea confesses not to be a good development driver

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Fr Crewchief Pere Riba is Rea's automatic driving style blessing and blessing at the same time. "Sometimes I have the feeling that I adapt my driving style subconsciously, which is good for me and for the results, but it is not so good for the development," Rea says. "If I get two different votes from my team, then it is possible that I have the same times after five laps, although the machines are very different, so I can not give them any answers when they ask me for my feedback, because I've been subconsciously adjusted, "the Kawasaki- Pilot.Rea suffers with Crewchief Riba: "My Crewchief does not have it easy, but he's a smart guy. Sometimes it happens that I can make the difference if he goes the wrong way," says the WSBK champion is on the way to take his third world title in a row.


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