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John McGuinness never again on a Superbike?

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

29. August 2017 – 13:31

Customized image: John McGuinness on his Honda Fireblade

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(cafetheology.org) – About three and a half months have passed since John McGuinness' s heavy fall at the Northwest 200. The start at this year's Isle-of-Man-TT in June was out of reach for McGuinness. And the future of the 45-year-old does not look particularly bright. A TT comeback seems increasingly unlikely. "Maybe class racing, but not big super bikes," comments McGuinness in the conversation with 'BikeSocial'. "They're probably out of range, I'd say, Guy (Martin) came back and did not work," the Honda pilot compares, observing exactly what his team colleague did at the TT on the Isle of Man May McGuinness broke his right lower leg. The break was comparatively complicated. The right leg was five centimeters shorter than the left after treatment. Every day, McGuinness adjusts the rack on his leg by one millimeter. The risk of infection is great. In addition, the 45-year-old Briton reports that the pins of the frame are surrounding the surrounding nerves and cause great pain. It is to be expected that the leg will not again develop the mobility and strength that McGuinness had before the accident. In addition to the leg injury, the long-standing Honda pilot broke in the back and chest. Four swirls and five ribs broke out on departure at Primrose Hill. "I was always proud that I had only a few strides in 20 years of road-racing," jokes the Isle-of-Man- Legende.It is a gallowshumor: "I'm fine, I'm learning, with this five pounds But I could have hit a lantern with my head, instead of landing in a fence, it could have come much worse, "he notes.

John McGuinness with Bruce Anstey, who entered the TT-Zero race in 2017

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And how will things continue in the future? Will McGuinness travel around the world as a Honda ambassador? Or is the Briton angry because a technical mistake caused the crash and the serious injury? "You have admitted that it was not my fault, it was a technical problem, you can now point your fingers at people and react bitterly, but it has happened and I have to deal with it "I would like to do it," McGuinness points out, "I would like to assume that there is loyalty in racing." The Brit himself does not believe in a continuation of the career: "In my head, I am I'm not a big fan, but I'm not a big fan of Hailwood. They can cut me a leg, but they can not take these things away from me, "emphasizes the roadracing legend.


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