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Jochen Mass: Max Verstappen "too convinced of himself"

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08 September 2017 – 11:52 am
The hype for the Red Bull junior was premature, finds the racing legend and is waiting for evidence – but by Lance Stroll, Jochen Mass holds a lot

Max Verstappen has been waiting for a further overtime in Spain since 2016

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(cafetheology.org) – Ex-Formula One driver Jochen Mass has criticized Red Bull's alleged supertalent Max Verstappen. As the racing legend says in talks with 't-online.de', the Dutchman would be equipped with a portion of self-confidence too much. "Stupidity is too much of a conviction," says Mass, making the media as well as premature eulogies in the paddock responsible for it: "This also depends on the fact that the hype around him came much too early," the German finds the trigger his "lucky" Grand Prix success at the Red Bull debut in 2016 in Spain. "Now miracles are expected of him," says Mass. As a matter of fact, Stappen had been on the podium three times since the Barcelona star hour in 29 races – but he had to accept eight most unintended failures. "Sure, Max is a talented boy," admitted Mass, without becoming euphoric. "But how good he is, the future has to show." As for other Formula One talents, Mass can not be cheered. McLaren-Youngster Stoffel Vandoorne, he judges "skeptical" because the Belgian does not have a good car and it would risk not to go his way to the top. He comments more positively on the scolded Williams Paydriver: "I think a lot about Lance Stroll," says Mass. However, the Canadian soon had to land in a top team so as not to disappear from the scene.

Max Verstappen set the record as the youngest Formula 1 driver of all times in 2015 – his predecessors around Sebastian Vettel and Co. were somewhat more experienced

# 10: Sebastian Vettel. From the early Red Bull promotion, a certain four-time world champion can sing a song. In 2007, BMW Sauber launched a milkbubi from Heppenheim, which is only 19 years and 349 days old when it is first launched in the USA. But Sebastian Vettel is known as a model for all showers. He succeeds in the rise to Red Bull, where he leads a four-year dominance era. After the former Zahnspangenträger was able to write history, he has now devoted himself to the tradition of Ferrari.

The fact that more and more younger talents have recently mastered the ascent to the royal class seems to be a thorn in the eye: "The cars are far too easy to drive, which is already beginning in the youth field ? "he complains, referring to all categories up to the Beletage:" The racing series are much too close to the Formula 1. The quality of the cars would have to be much different in order to filter the driving skills even more clearly. "



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