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Friday night Tony Romo shared the following photo from Jerry Jones’s Hall of Fame party:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones explained why the team did not look at Colin Kaepernick as a reserve quarterback option.

NOBODY with any sense should sign Kaepernick, because, apart from all the PC BS he is dragging up and down the field behind him, the simple fact is, he is, at BEST, a ...

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear Tuesday that he's not going to do what's best for the Cowboys quarterback situation.

Tony Romo says Colin Kaepernick will have NFL job; how Jerry Jones, other Cowboys view national anthem protests

Colin Kaepernick to the Dallas Cowboys is a sensible move ironically supported by the controversial NFL quarterback's biggest critic in the media, Jason Whitlock of FS1.

Read. Byron Jones Added To Cowboys' Injury Report (Sept. 14; 4 p.m.) – Cowboys starting safety Byron Jones was added to Thursday’s injury report with a groin ...

NFL players have used kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest, but no Cowboys have done so to date. That pleases owner Jerry Jones.

Multiple news reports have indicated Jones never said that. After former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a wave of protests last ...

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just celebrated what he described as an ultimatum from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to the team’s players: If you don’t ...

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