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Jens Spahn again raises against Hipster in Berlin

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | World News

Honest excitement or merely election-fighting-masks? With a guest contribution to Berlin hipster, the CDU deputy Jens Spahn has again brought into conversation. In this he fears a "completely new form of parallel society" – and triggers mockery.

English-speaking hipster in Berlin seem to leave the CDU-Bundestagsjos Spahn no rest. It was only two weeks ago that he criticized in the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" that waiters in hip capital kneipen only speak English. Now he accuses the Berlin hipster scene in the week time "Die Zeit", with their English from other people. "All those who can not keep up with the generation easyJet, remain outside," writes Spahn in a guest contribution.

As hipster, one calls supporters of a subculture-like movement that flirt with a seemingly negligent, often extravagant clothing style and hornbrillen with their often educationally middle-class origin. Men often wear long beards.

In Berlin, these people had formed a completely new form of parallel society, Spahn is convinced: "Young people from all over the world who remain among themselves," he writes. German hipsters also contributed to the problem with their rash readiness to switch to English. The CDU politician has even wanted to observe scenes in which German waiters and German guests with a broad Teutonic accent had communicated in English. This was not an expression of worldliness. "It is evidence of provincial self-denial."

Spahn is scoffing at Twitter and Facebook
Surprisingly, mocking reactions, especially from the "deceived" Berlin, were not long in coming. "Hipster hatred as an election campaign, great!", Wrote the famous Berlin fashion blog "Dandy Diary" ironically on Facebook. On the news service Twitter many users gave their opinion under the Hashtag #Jensplaining – an allusion to the term Mansplaining, which refers to men who want to explain women in the first place women the world.

Hipster hatred as an election campaign. Big!

#fedidwgugl #hassPosted by DandyDiary on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

But does the supposedly Berlin-Hipster bubble Jens Spahn really bring so much to the palm? After all, the CDU politician is known for attracting media attention with pointed statements – certainly not an unfavorable feature in the election campaign. It was also suspicious that the CDU-run Treasury Department was not allowed to comment on Spahn's comment ironically.

  On Facebook and Twitter, the Ministry spread the photo of a typical hipster with horns and a long beard, and wrote in English: "Hello, I would like to have a look at it English et en francais! " (Hi Hipster, visit us on our open day, Jens Spahn would be happy, we speak fluently English and French).

Hello #hipsters, come join us for our open day. @jensspahn would appreciate it too 😉 Btw we are fluent in English et en français! # Tdot17 pic.twitter.com/jFvOsWOm0q- BMF (@BMF_Bund) August 24, 2017
The minds could somewhat soothe the contribution of "Titanic". The satiremagazine also mentions other groups that are deliberately trying to delineate themselves: the "Metal Maniacs" entrenched behind walls, for example, or even the Tupperware aunts: "Schotten not only relentlessly in residential kitchens before Otto Normalverbraucher, but also food remnants Air-tight behind plastic. "


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