Jay Cutler Squat

Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is known for his scientific, ever-evolving approach to bodybuilding and his physique. If something’s not working – Jay Cutler changes it ...

Jay Cutler has been training for more than 20 years. Learn from his lifetime of lifting advice and no-holds-barred attitude to build your own massive, ripped physique.

Without big arms, your most muscular pose won't win you any fans. Use Jay's arms workout to achieve that awe-inspiring size you've always wanted!

Big Z performing the squat lift at the 2011 World's Strongest Man qualifiers. The total weight is 715 pounds (325 kg), NOT 1430!

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Burpees aren't fun - we know this. Do a squat thrust by jumping your feet back, simultaneously bending the elbows behind you, touching your chest to the floor.

Getting bigger and stronger is a beautifully simple science. You lift something heavy, stress your muscles, eat, rest and repeat. Do this with enough intensity and ...

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This workout by Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally featured in the October, 1991 issue of Muscle Mag. This advice by Arnold Schwarzenegger is aimed at individuals ...

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