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Java: New panel to make OpenJDK more secure

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Under the name Vulnerability Group, a body is to coordinate security aspects of the OpenJDK in close cooperation with Oracles Java Development Department. Since the group has to work under conditions that actually violate the provisions of the free implementation of Java SE, the OpenJDK board still has to agree. Oracle's Java CEO, Mark Reinhold, was confident that approval would be given. Reinhold has launched the Vulnerability Group, which was previously discussed in the OpenJDK board. The contributions under Reinhold's discussion are sparse.

Currently there is no organized discussion on security issues in the OpenJDK community, writes Reinhold in a lengthy contribution to the proposal. Security holes would be individually closed by its discoverers – for example Red Hat, IBM, SAP or Canonical. Only in exceptional cases would Oracle communicate. Reinhold calls the current approach inefficient, it is more about distributing patches than finding and closing together.
Vulnerability Group with special rules
Since the members of the group to be formed are selected extremely selectively, strictly follow the rules of communication and also have to sign non-disclosure and licensing agreements, this is fundamentally contrary to the provisions of OpenJDK and require the approval of the Board of OpenJDK. The leader is to take over the head of Oracles Java Vulnerability Team. As an example, Reinhold mentions the security teams of the Eclipse Foundation and the Webkit project.

A few days ago Oracle had announced under the motto "Open Java EE" that the process for the development of Java EE is often not perceived as "agile, flexible or open enough". The company wants to change this in the future and thus begin after the release of Java EE 8 this summer. It is planned to transfer Java EE to an Open Source Foundation.


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