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"Japan must no longer exist" – North Korea threatens with atomic bomb

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

North Korea threatens Japan with destruction by an atomic bomb and the USA with "ashes and darkness". The Security Council of the United Nations, which had recently rescinded severe sanctions against North Korea, had to be resolved – it was a "tool of the devil".

"The four islands of the island group will sink into the sea with the Buche atomic bomb," the North Korean Peace Committee for Asia and the Pacific on Thursday reported on the official news agency KCNA. "Japan no longer has to exist near us." The Committee is responsible for foreign policy relations and propaganda in North Korea. Juche is the North Korean state doctrine, a mixture of Marxism and an extreme form of all-embracing nationalism.

North Korea: countries in the Security Council were bribed
In the US, all retaliation measures that had been prepared so far, the Committee said. "Let us reduce the core country of the US to ashes and darkness." The United Nations Security Council consisted of "money-bribed" countries acting on instructions from the United States.

Japan immediately criticized the North Korean threats sharply. The explanation was extremely provocative and monstrous. It increases tensions in the region and is absolutely unacceptable, said Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

South Korea against stationing nuclear weapons
South Korea's President Moon Jae In, on the other hand, despite the recent threats opposed to station US nuclear weapons in his country or even develop such weapons. This move would make it impossible for the two states on the Korean Peninsula to conclude peace, and could trigger an atomic race, Moon told CNN. The US had withdrawn its nuclear weapons from South Korea in the early 1990s.

 The country also provided eight million dollars for UN aid programs for children and pregnant women in North Korea, as the Ministry of Reunification in Seoul reported. This is the first time since the fourth North Korean nuclear test in January 2016 that South Korea has supported the people in the country. The decision was based on a long-standing policy to separate humanitarian aid from politics, the ministry said.

The UN Security Council imposed further sanctions on Monday as a response to the sixth and strongest North Korean nuclear test. China's foreign ministry said the international community had reached a consensus to work towards a peaceful solution. Recent punishments include a ban on textile exports from North Korea, coal and ores the country's second most important export. However, a first US sanctions draft was mitigated to support China and Russia. Thus, an oil bar was omitted.


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