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Jacques Villeneuve criticizes Sergio Perez as "dirty"

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

29. August 2017 – 13:25

Jacques Villeneuve does not have a good hair at the driveway of Perez

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(cafetheology.org) – Ex-world champion Jacques Villeneuve has sharply criticized Sergio Perez for the collision with Force-India team-mate Esteban Ocon at the Belgium Grand Prix and beat the French side. The second incident, especially against the middle of the day, particularly affects the Canadians, who sees Perez "100 percent" in debt. "This is not a racing, it's pure block-up, it's not aggressive, it's dirty," he says, referring to 'carsport'.If the incident was two team-mates, it plays for the ex-pilot For the rest. "You can not put anyone in danger at all, you can brake too late and make a mistake, okay, but on the straight you can not pinch and pinch someone In the direction of Perez.Perez had argued that his team colleague would not have had to drive next to him the second time, but would have had the whole Kemmel straight time to go past. But according to Villeneuve, Ocon wanted to prove strength at this moment and show that he does not return – an "Egokampf" at Force India, as the Canadian calls it. "Ocon was pretty brave, especially the first time, Wow, he stayed, and that was impressive." The Canadian, however, is surprised that the race commissaries did not punish Perez. Such situations are the most dangerous in motor sport. "And yet they never punish it," Villeneuve shakes his head. In other scenes, however, there are often punishments, although it is actually unnecessary: ​​"Sometimes people are clashing because they missed their braking point and are fighting, which should not be punished, but they do it anyway because of an accident," says But there was no punishment for Force India, Villeneuve finds "embarrassing", as he says. "They do not give punishment, the FIA ​​pushes so much on security," he wonders. "But even the four-year-old could see it, which is ridiculous."


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