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Jabra Elite 25e Hands-On: Bluetooth Headset with 18 hours battery life

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Gadgets

A lightweight Bluetooth headset with extra long battery life – Jabra offers with the Elite 25e. The successor model of Halo Smart has received some promising detail improvements. We have a closer look at the neckband headset at the Ifa 2017.

The basic construction has not changed: the neck area mainly contains a large battery. This is where the cables with the earphones are located. The cables are less rigid and therefore more flexible with the new model – the manufacturer is thus addressing one of the criticisms of the Halo Smart.
Extended battery life
Jabra also attaches importance to a long battery life. The Halo Smart offered very good values ​​with a maximum recharge time of 17 hours of telephony. With the Elite 25e are possible up to 18 hours, which applies to telephone calls. When listening to music, the recharge time has increased from 14 to 16 hours. The standby time has remained unchanged for up to 22 days.

    Elite 25e (Picture: Jabra)

With the long recharge time, the headset can also be used continuously for two days without interruption, without having to be recharged. Also, the new model has a micro-USB port hidden behind a snippet, so that no water penetrates. After approximately two hours, the headset battery is charged.
Newly designed earphone attachments
The new model also fulfills protection class IP54 and is therefore protected against dirt and splash water. The headset sits comfortably at the neck during the first trial. Jabra has developed new earphone attachments that are better than ever in the ear without hurting, the manufacturer promises.

    Newly designed earplugs for the Elite 25e (Picture: Jabra)

In the test of the Halo Smart we were dissatisfied that the earphone attachments had not sat tight enough. On the first try, the new attachments were much tighter and more comfortable in the ear. The new earphone attachments are designed to seal the auditory canal better and thus provide a better sound quality by keeping away annoying external noises. Three pairs of earphone attachments are included. In the previous model, buyers still received four pairs.
The comfort functions known from the predecessor are still available.


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