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"It is a creepy act"

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | World News

After a week of threats in the North Korean conflict, many European daily newspapers comment on the behavior of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

"The Standard" (Austria):
"This is exactly the problem: you do not know how far they are willing to go with either Kim Jong-un or Donald Trump, and the fact that specialists both consider them to be psychopathic or even crazy does not contribute to calming : How much are they in control? Who has influence on the two? Can this spiral still be stopped?

It seems as if this conflict has become a deeply personal affair between two rulers. But it is not just a verbal exchange between two egomaniacs who want to make an impression, but a military saber rattling in a region in which the balance has often been painstakingly maintained over the past decades. But the political and military balance in the eastern hemisphere depended on this. "

"Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (Switzerland):
"War is not an option: the risk that Kim's army would be a huge bloodbath in South Korea before it was stopped by the American military might be too great to see the strategy of forcing North Korea to negotiate a few years ago In the case of Iran, the UNO-sanction resolution, which was decidedly unprecedented by the beginning of August, is the right step in this direction, because Washington also exerted strong pressure on Beijing.

In order to expedite the financial resources of the North Korean regime and to show Kim the prospectlessness of his Atompolitik, however, further tightening is necessary. The fact that Kim will show under increasing pressure readiness to negotiate his Atomprogramm is not absurd. His regime does not need nuclear weapons for survival; The decisive factor is a consensus among the great powers that the empire of the Kims is to be a buffer state. The crux lies in a credible guarantee of the US that they do not strive to overthrow the regime. "

 "The Times" (Great Britain):
"First of all, it must now be about slowing down the pace that this crisis unfolds," he said Has agreed that there should be no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula, both in the north and south. In this sense, China must force Kim to freeze its nuclear program and open the appropriate facilities for thorough international controls.

If he deceives, he must be punished with even stiffer sanctions. Should he try to import nuclear technology, a blockade must be imposed on his country. Its state, separated from the outside world, must become transparent. Kim's chemical weapons must be destroyed. One day, North Korea may stop being a Pariastaat. To destroy the country with overwhelming violence, with fire and anger, is not the way to achieve this goal. This would destroy the dynasty of Kim, but the world would not be safer. "

"De Volkskrant" (Netherlands):
"The leaders of the United States and North Korea are playing a dangerous game: who is the most unpredictable?" To prevent disaster, the sensible forces in Washington have to keep Donald Trump under control all the time: it is an unorthodox and creepy act, The confrontation between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

The American president does not want the North Korean dictator to get nuclear weapons with which he can threaten America. This is a serious and legitimate matter that requires a balanced mixture of diplomatic and military pressure. But the disturbing reality is that this conflict has been going on like a classic pub fight. Two men are screaming louder and louder, and when they do not give in, they begin to hit each other with their fists.

"Corriere della Sera" (Italy):
"Korea is not Syria, but it is easy for Pyongyang to attack with conventional weapons, South Korea and Japan, and Seoul is within reach of the artillery of Kim (North Korea).

It is clear that any action, however limited it may be, can trigger uncontrolled chain reactions. Should Kim shoot his rockets, can the US intercept them? If the rocket system, which has never been tried, has gaps, it would be a disaster. "

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