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IS recalls Messerattacke in Brussels

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | World News

The jihadist militia Islamic state (IS) has claimed the knife report of Friday in Brussels for itself. The attack on the Belgian soldiers had been carried out by a "soldier" of the IS, the IS propaganda organ Amaq wrote Saturday evening. On the night of Friday, the Somali-born Somalier had set off with a knife for soldiers, and he was shot.

In the Declaration, the IS established a link between the attack and Belgium's participation in the international military alliance to combat IS in Syria. The perpetrator had "followed a call for an attack on the coalition states," it said.

The attacked assailant in Belgium was identified as a native Somali. Even if he was not known to the authorities as an Islamist, he called "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great") as did the perpetrators of London. In the attacks, a total of four security forces were slightly injured.

  The Belgian public prosecutor's office investigated "attempted terrorist murder". The attacker had started on Friday night in the center of Brussels with a knife on soldiers and had called "Allahu Akbar" before he was shot by the soldiers. In the dead two Koran issues were found as well as a weapon attack. One of the soldiers was injured, according to the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close.

The attacker in Belgium was identified as a Somali national on Saturday and he was not known to the authorities as an Islamist. (Source: Sylvain Plazy / AP / dpa)

 The investigators now identified the perpetrator as a native Somalian who had been a Belgian citizen since 2015. Born in 1987, the man had immigrated to Belgium. In February, he became the first person to file for bodily injury. The police have so far not been aware of a possible connection with terrorist groups.

An attacker in London used a 1.20 meter long sword
In London, the anti-terrorist unit of Scotland Yard took investigations. The police said that the arrested perpetrator had repeatedly called "Allahu Akbar" before the attack on police officers in front of Buckingham Palace. He had used a sword about 1.20 meters long and had been rendered harmless by the security forces with irritant gas. In the attack, the three unarmed police officers were easily injured.

The 26-year-old perpetrator was interrogated on Saturday. According to the investigators, he came from Luton north of London, where searches were arranged. Two hours after the attack from Brussels, he had advanced in front of the palace of Queen Elizabeth II in the center of London, and had stopped near a police vehicle before pulling his gun. The Queen was staying in Scotland at this time.

In Brussels and London strict safety precautions are in force after a series of Islamic attacks. There has been an increased alarm level in Brussels since 326 people were killed and hundreds of others injured in March 2016 at two airport and metro stations. The jihadist militia Islamic State (IS) agreed.

Last in June, seven people killed on strike in London
In London last June, seven people were killed in an attack. The perpetrators first collapsed into the crowd with a van on the London Bridge, then they stuck in a nightclub with knives on passersby. In May, a suicide bomber had also blown up at a concert in Manchester and killed 22 people. The IS militia confessed to both acts.

The IS also claimed the latest attacks in Spain, where 15 people were killed last week in Barcelona and Cambrils and more than 120 others were injured.

On Saturday evening, a large-scale anti-terrorist campaign was planned in Barcelona, ​​which included King Felipe VI. To participate. Already on Friday evening more than 16,000 people in Cambrils had demonstrated against extremism.


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