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Is Pascal Wehrlein 2018 still at Sauber in the Formula 1?

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Sports

14. September 2017 – 13:58

Hope for Pascal Wehrlein? Clean wants him to hold

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(cafetheology.org) – The situation of Pascal Wehrlein is tricky: although he is under contract with the currently most successful manufacturer of Formula 1, nevertheless it can happen that he will not find a cockpit for 2018. The Mercedes junior pilot is currently under contract at Sauber, but here Ferrari 2018 wants to accommodate his junior candidates. But now a door could open up for him and the German could stay at Sauber for the Formula 1 season 2018. Wehrlein looks visibly annoyed by the discussions about his future. "No, there is no news yet and I am fully focused on this weekend," he says in Singapore. But the hope could grow again: According to 'Autobild motorsport', Sauber wants Ferrari Junior Charles Leclerc to be a real benchmark as a team colleague and would like to hold on to Pascal Wehrlein. At least he does not want to exclude the possibility at the moment: "I am currently only for this year here and talks for 2018. Of course there is also talked with Sauber, you can never say no. " For the possibility that Sauber Singapore will test parts on the chassis for the 2018er car. Wehrlein is firmly involved in this test. On the other hand, Sauber in this scenario would have to put Marcus Ericsson on the door, which is firmly anchored by his father in the team. Ferrari and Mercedes would probably have to leap some money to get the Swedes out of the team. No negotiations on their own. Negotiations for Wehrlein's future continue to lead Mercedes and especially Toto Wolff, so he himself is completely dependent. He presents the process: "I am always informed as soon as there is something new and asked what I think of it." The salary is not even talked about. Is there not the time to take the scepter into his hand and try his luck? Wehrlein beckons: "Our interests are the same, I am a Mercedes junior driver, I am under contract with Mercedes and Mercedes will do the best for me to get a cockpit, I do not feel that I can do better "We can not make a plan," Wehrlein said. One possibility would be that he would drive for Mercedes E in the future. "I have not thought about that yet," the 22-year-old declines. If there is no place in Formula 1, he would rather go somewhere else than to take a substitute driver's role: "It is difficult to imagine a year without a race, but I have not thought about it yet, my preference would be race to drive – best in Formula 1. "


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