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Is not the hustle and bustle of the clean deal in Hondas' interest?

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 16:51

Not amused: Yusuke Hasegawa is pissed off the ruptured clean deal

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(cafetheology.org) – As the engine division between Sauber and engine supplier Honda was broken down, both Sauber Team Engineer Frederic Vasseur and Honda Motorschef Masahi Yamamoto spoke of a solution in both sides. But was that really the case? A question that now raises statements from Hondas project manager Yusuke Hasegawa. "This is, of course, very disappointing," says the Japanese against 'Racer', when he was referred to the failed deal that Vasseur's predecessor Monisha Kaltenborn had brought in. "Although it was a customer program and therefore our actual program was not so strong We suffered from the possibility to get more engine running time, "explains the Japanese. "So we'd get more data, and we'd have been able to draw comparisons, so it's very disappointing, and on the practical side, we had to stop our preparations, which is very bad." This sounds quite different from Yamamoto's statements That the Sauber deal would have been interesting above all because of the cooperative ventures beyond the partnerships, such as a partial use of the factory or the support of the junior driver program. When the Swiss were no longer interested, they had withdrawn themselves.Hasegawa itself was not present in the negotiations led by Yamamoto. He had, however, agreed with Jrg Zahnder, a Clean Technology Engineer, about co-operation. "We could not believe then that we had to end this cooperation at the last moment", says Hasegawa. After the failure of the clean deal, there was little agreement with Toro Rosso. As a result, the team is likely to be the only partner in McLaren in 2018, while the manufacturers of Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault work with three teams each.


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