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"Irma" calls for Georgia's first death sacrifice

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

"Irma" was like a deluge for the whole of Florida – now the storm in the US state of Georgia cost a human life.

The death was in the Worth district, said Catherine Howden, emergency management agency spokesman on Monday. She did not mention any details.

The district is located in the southwest of Georgia. Irma has now caused damage in many parts of the Federal State. The foothills of the storm were more than 640 kilometers from the center. On the coast residential areas were flooded and in the hinterland trees fell on houses.

  With Urgewalt Hurricane "Irma" had already moved over Florida and had brought with him heavy flooding. The storm tore roofs of houses in many parts of the US state and cut off power lines. There were reports of looting and burglaries. At least four people were killed.

According to the disaster relief, 5.8 million households in Florida were cut off from electricity on Monday – more than half (58 percent) of all households in the state.

After the storm is before cleaning up: How big the damage will be at the end is still completely unclear – but it will probably be many billions of dollars. "Irma" was so big that she covered the entire peninsula.

The hurricane, according to the risk experts of AIR Worldwide, will leave damage in the double-digit billion range. In the US, the insured losses are expected to be 20 to 40 billion US dollars (17 to 33 billion euros), said AIR Worldwide on Monday. On Saturday, the experts had still held insured losses of 15 to 50 billion dollars. In addition, there would be 5 to 15 billion in several Caribbean islands.

The hurricane "Irma" caused massive damage in Florida. (Source: Wilfredo Lee / AP / dpa)

On Monday once more glances turned to the east coast of Florida and the coasts of Georgias and South Carolinas further north. Meanwhile, down to the tropical storm, "Irma" pushed water masses up into the city of Jacksonville and also threatened places like Savannah or Charleston.

"Irma" is getting weaker over land
The hurricane center reported that "Irma" will go to Georgia by Tuesday with 30 kilometers an hour and to reach Alabama on Tuesday. There the storm will continue to weaken. About the mainland will lose hurricane energy. The hurricane center then officially downgrades the storm.

In the meantime, clearing-up operations are beginning in Florida. (Source: Adrees Latif / Reuters)

US media from several cities on the east coast of Florida's attacks, many of the perpetrators are armed. The Miami police reported 28 arrests of alleged looters. The surrounding area had imposed an exit lock until 7:00 am local time. In the city of Weston, a 17-year-old thief was shot by a security officer, according to various local media.

Water masses in Miami
In Miami, Wassermassen welled through the old town and the banking district. Pictures and videos showed how the storm pushed the water into the city and made large roads into torrential rivers. Also from the central city of Orlando reported local media and eyewitnesses on Twitter of hip-high water.

Before "Irma's" arrival, more than 6.5 million people had been asked to leave their homes and get safe before the storm. It was one of the biggest evacuations in the history of the United States.

Path of destruction
A total of 573 emergency shelters had been set up in 64 of the 67 districts of Florida. More than 155,000 people had stayed there. They began to leave schools, churches and sports arenas on Monday, and set off on their way home.

Corrugated metal boxes had no chance against the violence of the hurricane. (Source: Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

"Irma" had reached the southern tip of Florida with the second highest level 4 on Sunday. Gusts of up to 229 km / h were measured. The hurricane had previously visited Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean.

Prepared for the worst
While "Irma" on the Atlantic coast caused flooding, the water on the Gulf coast in the west first impressively declined. The meteorologists warned, however, that the water would return in a wave after the eye of the cyclone was traversed.

This gas station roof was folded by the storms. (Source: Reuters)

The remaining people on the Gulf had prepared themselves for storm floods of up to 4.5 meters. "Everyone has a plan until he gets a slap in the face," said the Mayor of Tampa, a center of the Gulf Coast, on TV on Sunday.

Trump wants to visit Florida
"ABC" reported five deaths that died in Florida in car accidents or found dead in their homes. The New York Times wrote of four deaths. The numbers could go up.

US President Donald Trump announced he wanted to travel to Florida as soon as possible to get a picture of the damage. Even before "Irma" hit the mainland, Trump had issued an emergency declaration. It allows Florida financial aid to the federal government.

Numerous dead people
"Irma" has been holding the region for days. On his travel through the Caribbean, the storm had cost more than 20 people, according to unofficial estimates, some areas are considered uninhabitable. Severe damage occurred in Cuba, the Virgin Islands, Barbuda and Saint-Bartélémy.

France's President Emmanuel Macron announced to visit the island Saint-Martin on Tuesday, which is also seriously affected. Already on Sunday (local time) the Dutch king Willem-Alexander had spoken with victims on the island of Curacao.

Climate out of balance
The director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, warned on Monday of "Irma" of devastating consequences also for Europe. "The year 2017 shows us most bitterly why science has warned for decades of climate chaos: the elements fire, water and air now turn against us because we are balancing the planet."


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