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iPhone X: Apple's iPhone with borderless OLED display costs 1,150 euros

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Gadgets

Apple has introduced the iPhone X together with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. The Jubilee model will be released on the tenth anniversary of the first release of the iPhone in 2007.

Apple brings among other things some innovations in the design as well as in the display technology. The smartphone – unlike the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – has a display that extends to the edges of the case and has no wide stripes above and below the screen.

    The new iPhone X (Picture: Apple / Screenshot: Golem.de)

The display is 5.8 inches in size, the resolution is 2.436 x 1.125 pixels. The smartphone supports Mobile HDR and offers True Tone, the automatic adjustment to the color temperature of the ambient light. In addition, Apple is using an OLED display for the first time and no LCD – other manufacturers have been using the technology for a long time. For example, Samsung has been launching smartphones with an OLED screen for a number of years, which are characterized by far better black values.

The lack of the homebuttons compensates Apple by gestures, which partly already from times of the HP Pre. To wake up, users simply tap the display of the iPhone X. To the Homescreen, they enter through a wipe from below into the display. Between the currently used apps they switch around, by not wiping these wipes, but the finger on the display leave. Siri can be activated by a long press on the side button.

Unlock with the face
Due to the missing homebuttons Apple has completely renounced a fingerprint sensor. Instead, users can unlock the iPhone X with their face: On the front is built in a small area an IR camera that scans the face.
The anatomical features are converted into a point model and compared with the recorded model. If they agree, the iPhone will be unlocked. Apple calls this function Face ID. The detection takes place in real-time, but did not work immediately during the demonstration in Apple's new headquarters. The data is processed exclusively on the iPhone X, not via a cloud. The new A11 Bionic processor, which also works in the iPhone X, has a built-in auxiliary processor.
Unlocking with the face should also work if the user wears a hat, changes the hairstyle or grows a beard. The likelihood that a third-party user will override the detection should be 1 in 1,000,000. In the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 7 it is according to Apple at 1 to 50,000.
Front camera allows blurred background and animated emojis
The iPhone X has a slightly better dual camera than the iPhone 8 Plus – the telephoto is with an initial aperture of f / 2.4. In addition to portraits with a blurred background, the camera also dominates the new portrait Lightning. In addition, the camera has optical image stabilizers on both lenses.
Thanks to the depth detection function on the front, users can also make portraits with a blurred background with the front camera, and the artificial illumination change also works. In addition, so-called animojis can be created: With the facial movements, Emojis can animate, they follow the movements of the user. These animojis can be shared among other things by iMessage.
The iPhone X is like the iPhone 8 wireless by Qi standard loadable. The battery has Apple increased according to its own, it should hold two hours longer than the iPhone 7.
Prices start at 1,150 euros
The iPhone X comes in memory configurations 64 or 256 GB. The 64-GB version costs 1,150 euros, the 256-GByte variant 1,320 euros. The smartphone is to be pre-orderable from 27 October 2017, the delivery on 3 November.


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