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IPhone on the wheel: Apple will not be to blame for car accidents

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Post, Twittern, Texts, Googling: Many drivers use the smartphone while driving, but this is not allowed. Experts call for new measures to be taken due to the increasing number of accidents caused by smartphone distractions, such as the obligation to install a hands-free kit. In the US, Apple has been accused in a collective accusation not to have blocked money-barred barriers. Accused have accident victims.

In the case of the collective action before the Californian court, it is that Apple is to be co-responsibility for accidents, which only happened because the driver was distracted by the iPhone. The company has made profit strikes against security, it says, because no effort was made to integrate an automatic locking function, which prevents the smartphone from the driver use, even though Apple has applied for such a patent.
Apple denies any complicity because it is solely the responsibility of the driver to use the iPhone while driving. According to a report by Macrumors, the argumentation of the smartphone manufacturer. As a manufacturer of the device, Apple was not to take responsibility, because the users made something unlawful. The other side argues that Apple has developed a technique to automatically disable certain features of the smartphone. Apple has even since 2014 a patent on such a technique. The company refused to lose market shares, but to use this technology.

Apple has often been sued because drivers were distracted and then accidentally. A US District Court in Texas had already dropped a lawsuit against Apple. The family members of a five-year-old child had tried to sue Apple (PDF), because their five-year-old daughter lost her life in December 2014 with an Autounfall. A driver who collided with his parents' car used facetime.
Since IOS 11 was announced in June 2017, the statement that Apple is not concerned about driving safety, will hardly be able to do in the future. In iOS 11, a non-interfering feature is installed that prevents the driver from receiving incoming messages, calls, or hints from apps. The so-called do-not-distract function can be activated voluntarily: it automatically detects whether the iPhone is in the car and switches all notifications to mute. The display remains dark when a message is received.
In Germany, the discussion about more and more accidents by mobile phones and smartphones at the wheel is already in full swing. Traffic experts argue for a tougher punishment to the driving ban. At the beginning of 2017, experts talked about the accident cause of the smartphone at the 55th Road Congress. The German Traffic Safety Council (DVR) demands that anyone who calls without a hands-free system, SMS messages or news reading should pay a multiple of the previous fine of 60 euros. In addition, the previous mobile phone ban should be extended to other electronic devices. The DVR has organized around 200 transport organizations, associations, public institutions and autoclubs.
An investigation by the German Automobile Association (AvD) showed that 53 per cent of the interviewees had already sent messages during the trip and even read 72 per cent of news. To the exact number of accidents caused by smartphone distraction in Germany, according to the traffic safety council, there is no reliable information. The experts agree, however, that the number continues to rise.


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