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IOS 11: Epic Games rescues Infinity Blade in the 64-bit era

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

The soon seven-year-old Infinity Blade from Epic Games has once again received an update. The Unreal Engine 3 game is thus one of the classics of the iOS games, mainly because it showed in 2010 what impressive graphics is possible on a smartphone. This was a key experience for the game industry. The smartphone games became more and more complex, which was also financially worthwhile. And for the classic gaming handhelds such as the PSP from Sony and Nintendo DSi, it became a problem because the users more and more on the phone daddeln instead of on the dedicated systems.

With the update Epic Games saves this classic on the iOS platform. Since version 1.4.2 iOS 10 is no longer warning about compatibility issues with the game. It has been recompiled for the 64-bit OS iOS 11 and is likely to continue to play for the next few years. The successors Infinity Blade II and III did not need an update, even if Epic Games distributed here updates, which are mainly to improve the compatibility. Epic Games is exemplary here and for game fans it is a good sign.
Other games, however, will presumably reach a different destiny. These will not be usable when iOS 11 is being played because of a lack of update and must be installed on secondary devices such as an old iPod Touch or an iPad that is not updated. It is only a part of a typical game collection. With newer games is little to be feared, since they were already prepared for the 64-bit time. In the age range around the five years, updates were also carried out over time. Nevertheless, it can not be excluded that one or the other game will soon be no longer playable, because iOS 11 appears to be available in September 2017.


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