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Ionic: Fitbit introduces Smartwatch with four-day battery

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

A similar response as speculation about a new Apple Watch could not reach Fitbit for its new Smartwatch – but in some parts of the US press and in the community for wearables the clock has already provided for some curiosity. Now the manufacturer has announced it officially: the good piece is called Ionic and is a sports and smart watch with optical heart rate measurement on the wrist, integrated GPS module and the possibility for developers to program their own apps.

The Ionic uses its own operating system and should come to an accumulation time of "at least" four days, so Fitbit. That would be significantly more than what almost all Smartwatches with Android Wear or the Apple Watch create, which usually only last for one or two days. This also makes it possible to carry the watch at night for recording sleep data; At the Alta HR we found the system of Fitbit quite successful.
When it comes to sports with GPS data, the battery is supposed to last for about ten hours – which is much longer than the Apple Watch (official statement: five hours), but again less than the Garmin Fenix ​​5 with its up to 24 hours. When fully emptied, recharging the Ionic should last approximately two hours.

Pay by NFC
In addition to the sports and fitness functions, the Ionic is particularly interested in the possibility that developers program their own apps. Well-known names Fitbit – except Strava – has not yet been mentioned, but only in general speaks of "weather prediction and sports results". In addition, users on the NFC chip will be able to deposit their credit card data to be able to pay so comfortably. Whether Fitbit from the start also in Germany offers is so far unclear.
Fitbit has developed the sensor for the optical pulse measurement itself. Instead of exclusively green diodes, there is one with green, one with red and one with infrared light. The Ionic has an LCD touchscreen with an unspecified resolution and three buttons on the side. It offers about 2.5 GB of RAM for music files, which should normally be enough for about 300 songs. The wearable is waterproof up to 50 meters depth. The main housing is made of aluminum.
The Ionic will be available from October 2017 in different colors and with a variety of bracelets and cost from 350 euros. In 2018, a special edition with special watch interfaces and similar will be launched in cooperation with Adidas. Fitbit has also announced the launch of wireless headphones called Flyers and a WLAN body fat fetcher called Aria 2.

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