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Investigation at the Grenfell Tower have started

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

The public investigation of the fire in the London Grenfell Tower has begun. The sacrifice was conceived with a silence minute. On the night of June 14, at least 80 people had died in the 24-storey apartment house, and some of the residents were still missing.

The retired lawyer, Martin Moore-Bick, said at the beginning of the first meeting, "Answers to pressing questions"; the question is how a "catastrophe of this extent in London of the 21st century" could have happened.

Interim report towards the end of March 2018
Moore-Bick expressed concern and grief, at the same time acknowledging the "bravery and resilience" of local residents in the affected western part of the city, including surviving children who had gone back to school the day after the fire. With an interim report, the lawyer expects the end of March or the beginning of April of next year.

The fire in the high-rise was triggered by a detective's findings by a broken refrigerator. The flames had spread rapidly over the facade cladding of highly inflammable material. One of the central questions that the investigation is likely to deal with is therefore that of fire protection.

Still many sufferers are homeless after fire
The inhabitants of the tower, mainly low-income earners and immigrants, had also complained that the authorities had not taken their concerns about lack of security in the building seriously. The residential tower did not have a central sprinkler system.

There are also many people who are concerned about how the consequences of the fire can be overcome: people from around 200 households have been left homeless, but only a few of them have been able to return permanently. About 600 people have been psychologically or mentally treated since the fire, including about a hundred children.


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