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Into the fingers cut: Crutchlow doubts at Misano-Start

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

07. September 2017 – 21:06

No fight with a bear: Crutchlow has cut his finger


(cafetheology.org) – While Valentino Rossi broke his right leg during the Enduro training, Cal Crutchlow injured himself in the kitchen. "Cutting parmesan is dangerous," the British tries to take with humor. "I wish I could tell a good story that I fought with a bear or something like that Lucy (his wife, Red) is the cook for us because I'm a bad cook, but I cut the cheese The knife came out of the cheese and went directly into my finger. "At first, Crutchlow thought his left-hand finger was a harmless cut-off. But the next morning the finger was still bleeding. So he decided to visit a doctor who directed him directly to a hospital. There was a small operation on the damaged tendon. Since he is not allowed to turn his finger, a small rail was made. Last Tuesday, Crutchlow took part in a promotion event at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya. He swung himself into the saddle of his MotoGP Honda and, together with Stefan Bradl, Formula One driver Vandoorne and WTCC driver Norbert Michelisz, did some rounds. Still, Crutchlow is not sure if he can easily ride the MotoGP weekend in Misano when he has to go to the limit. "I honestly do not know if I can drive," says Crutchlow on Thursday. "It's damn painful, I've got to try to drive, I've driven in Barcelona, ​​but I've been racing around, I've been doing five rounds, that's okay, but driving a MotoGP bike is going to be difficult I guess it will be uncomfortable how I can manage the situation. "In a MotoGP bike, the clutch lever is used primarily at the start. Otherwise, Crutchlow can put his finger on the handle. "I can not turn the finger for a month, or the inner seams would break in." In the old days of the two-wheeler, you put your finger on the clutch, I could do it, but it's not comfortable normal not on the handle, but I have to do that now and hold me with three fingers. "


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