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Interprocess Communication: Systemd Developers Replace Dbus Daemon

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

Already in 2014, a team of systemd developers and kernel hackers began to implement Linux interprocess communication (IPC) Dbus as a Kdbus in the kernel. The project has made it because of the partly very hard criticism of the Linux community but never into the kernel. With Bus1 last year, finally, an attempt was made for an IPC in the kernel. With the Dbus broker, the team has now created a userspace replacement for the Dbus daemon used so far.

As the developer David Herrmann involved in the work writes in his blog, the Dbus broker should solve some fundamental problems with the Dbus daemon, which has been used as a standard until now. To this end, the team has developed a new and, as Herrmann writes, modern architecture, in order to implement the so-called message bus from Dbus again.
The problems with the Dbus daemon listed by Herrmann are well-known to long-time Linux users. This way the daemon can take up a lot of memory in certain circumstances, because messages are processed too slowly. It can also happen that messages are simply discarded or the daemon is blocked by a deadlock in the execution.
Although there are usually workarounds for these errors, the fundamental problems do not change that, however, writes Herrmann. And because the team was simply annoyed by it, they would have just written Dbus broker. The project is now so advanced that it could easily start a desktop session of the Linux distribution Fedora. This does not mean that the code is finished. The developers still call the Dbus broker as experimental.

Those who want to try the Dbus broker will find the code on Github. In addition, packages are available for testing for Fedora and Arch Linux.


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