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Internet: Federal government does not want to provide help with data rate fraud

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Federal Government does not want to introduce a flat-rate claim for compensation if the Internet access does not reach the promised data transmission rate. This can be inferred from a response from the Federal Government to the Small Question from the Greens of the Bundestag, Tabea Rößner, who is available at Golem.de.

It states that "flat-rate compensation is unfair to the German legal system, and only the European provisions in the field of passenger rights and rail traffic have introduced flat-rate compensation in the German legal system "Nevertheless, consumers are actually able to enforce actual damage resulting from the non-contractual delivery or a bad performance in the context of a civil action against the respective supplier."
Measurements are clear
According to measurements by the Federal Network Agency, only half of all users reach more than 60 percent of the promised data rate. In conversation with the news magazine Der Der Spiegel, Rößner called this "bandwide fraud" and stood for a flat compensation claim.
At the end of March 2017 the Federal Network Agency published the first detailed results of its broadband measurement. The report covers the period from 25 September 2015 to 25 September 2016. For fixed broadband connections, according to the Federal Network Agency 106.159 and for mobile broadband connections 53.651 valid measurements were taken into account. In the fixed network, therefore, only four to about 25 percent of the end users receive 100 percent of the agreed maximum data transmission rate.


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