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Internet and telephone: Telekom users report deutschlandweit disturbances

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom currently has problems with its internet and telephone services. Numerous users report corresponding malfunctions on the Internet portal Allstörungen.de. The messages are gathering in larger cities and their surroundings.

Areas in large metropolitan areas are affected
Especially users in and around Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and the Ruhr area are affected according to the distribution of the disturbance messages. With a share of 49 percent, most users report a failure of the Internet, 26 percent are affected by a failure of the phone and the Internet. At 23 percent of users, only the Internet does not work.
The Telekom itself has not yet expressed itself to the problems. At the request of a user from Hamburg the service team of the network provider Telekom helps on Twitter replied that the disturbance is known. When it will be fixed, but not yet known.
Fault messages accumulate due to the weekend
The disturbance reports have been available since at least 25 August 2017. In the course of 26 August, the number of reports has increased, which is due to the fact that many users are at home due to the weekend.
Golem.de has asked Telekom what the background of the problem is and when it should be repaired. An answer is still pending. In November 2016, the most serious failure of the telecoms network had occurred. Reason then was obviously a DDos attack.


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