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Insurance – «Autonomous driving creates new accident risks» News

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Economy

Autonomous driving has already advanced far in development. Technically, there are cars or buses that reach the driver from A to B without the driver's intervention. The big issue continues to be their safety and thus their approval.
From the point of view of Alfred Egg, head of the damage to the insurance company Axa Winterthur, this megatrend will make the happening on the streets one day safer. Autonomous driving not only protects the drivers, but also other traffic, says Egg in the cash video interview. The development towards the autonomous car is in full swing: Driver assistance programs such as the radar pedal or the track assistants have many new cars.
Another stage of the development is that a car drives itself, but the driver must take over immediately, if the systems warn him. Automated driving, that is to say, that a car is driving completely on its own, is also a future music, but it can be implemented in the coming years. The fully automated car, however, is not expected before 2030. Some experts do not expect this until 2050.

The stages of automation
Level 0
Driver drives himself
Since invention of the car 1886
Level 1
Simple assistance systems such as distance controllers (radar power) or brake booster
z.T. Already built around a millennium
Level 2
Partial automatic: Independent parking, tracking function
For several years in cars
Level 3
Highly automatic: car drives and reacts in many situations, even when turning, at traffic lights, when changing lane ect. However, the driver takes over in certain situations and due to warning systems.
Feasible, but not introduced
Level 4
Fully automatic: The car is 100% independent, but the driver has to monitor the system
Introduction probably not before 2030
Level 5
Car runs completely without driver
Introduction 2030 to 2050, but development far advanced, such as at Tesla or the US auto supplier Delphi.

According to a survey conducted by Axa Winterthur, about a quarter of the Swiss are willing or willing to move to autonomous vehicles. However, about half of them reject this type of movement. In the German auto market, every third party is looking forward to the new world of autonomous driving, whereas 40 percent of the development is opposed. The reason for this is clearly clear in the still existing safety concerns.

Alfred Egg, Head of Damage at Axa Winterthur, in the cash video interview.
Axa Winterthur also sees dangers: "A risk is when an electronic system is influenced or hacked externally," claims damage specialist Egg. Another unsolved issue is how people with and without autonomous driving can exist side by side. Autonomous driving must also be able to react to situations such as rockfall. In addition, there are considerable ethical issues, such as when an auto-controlled car suddenly has to avoid obstacles and thus endanger other road users.
The insurers see advantages in already existing assistance systems that can be used to better reconstruct accident procedures. But also with the largely or completely automated cars, the overall safety situation would improve, especially with regard to death victims: "Above all, we will see less severe personal injuries thanks to autonomous driving," says Egg. In this area, the damage burden is also likely to fall.
Axa Winterthur expects higher claims for hull damage: "There is a lot of expensive electronics in these cars, which must be replaced after collisions, and this costs a lot of money."
The cash video interview took place on the edge of the Axa crash tests, which were carried out on the grounds of the military airfield in Dübendorf. Sequences from it can be seen on the video. The first crash test shows a car whose electronics were lame from the outside and caused a serious rear-end collision with around 50 km / h of impact speed. The second sequence shows a stone strike in a passenger car, which in real circumstances would end a passenger with serious or fatal injuries.


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