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Instagram adds Snapchat clone to the web version

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

Instagram expands its story function: In the coming weeks, the self-destroying images and videos will also be available in the mobile web version as well as on the desktop, announced the Facebook daughter now. Access to this format was previously restricted to the mobile app.

          Outside the app, Instagram introduces small arrows at the left and right edges of the story to simplify navigation. In the app this is done with one click. The update is now being rolled out world-by-piece. In addition, Instagram plans to allow its users to upload images and videos via the mobile web to their own story. Excluded from the plans, according to The Verge but the upload from the desktop version. This will not implement the company, it says on demand. Probably in order to make the actual app not completely obsolete. Tagstram had launched the story function a year ago and now counts for this tool more than 250 million daily users. The company does not conceal the fact that the implementation of this format is based on the competitor Snapchat, who is virtually an inventor of self-destructive images and videos. By comparison, Snapchat has approximately 173 million active users per day worldwide. Not only in terms of number of users, Instagram has already overtaken the competitor Snapchat – even with brands the service from the Facebook universe seems to be more popular than the yellow app with the spirit. This is at least a result of an analysis by the US market researchers of L2 published a month ago. As a result, brands at Instagram Stories upload more than twice as much content as Snapchat. In July, the market researchers had followed the social media activities of 89 companies, each running an Instagram and a Snapchat channel. ron





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