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Insolvente airline – Air Berlin cuts some 100 flights – "threatened with existence" News

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Economy

"Today is a day that threatens the existence of Air Berlin", wrote Flottenchef Oliver Iffert in a letter to the workforce, which was presented by the news agency Reuters. Thousands of passengers would wait in vain for their departure. Many customers made their anger in the social networks. "In a worse light, a company can not stand as Air Berlin today," wrote Iffert. On Friday the deadline for offers for the insolvent airline runs out.
Air Berlin said: "Today there are about 200 sick reports in the cockpit, mainly from captains." The "Bild" -Zeitung reported that the background was that on Monday negotiations on the transfer of 1200 of the 1500 Air Berlin pilots to the potential new buyer were canceled by the management. An Air Berlin spokesman denied this, however. On Tuesday, discussions were held with the Pilotengewerkschaft Vereinigung Cockpit (VC). The union explained that they had not called pilots to register themselves. Social plan negotiations on a regular transfer of staff are the only way to get a lot of jobs.
Flight losses cost millions
Air Berlin had filed for bankruptcy in the middle of August, because the major shareholder Etihad turned the money tap. Lucas Flöther, together with the management, is now solving solutions for a refurbishment. Interested parties can submit their offers by 15 September. A decision on the sale of the airline as a whole or parts of it could drop shortly thereafter. "Our goal is to make concrete decisions in the Creditors' Committee on September 21," said Chief Operations Officer (COO) Iffert. Therefore the "present events are pure poison." Frank Kebekus, the company's general agent, added: "If the situation does not change in the short term, we will have to cease operation and therefore any reconstruction efforts."
The loss of flights could lead to a loss of between four and five million euros, said an industry insider. The B.Z. and "picture" newspaper. Group CEO Thomas Winkelmann said: "Today costs us several million euros." The airline had to return to stable business operations as quickly as possible, said Flottenchef Iffert. "This is the imperative condition for bringing the ongoing negotiations with investors to a positive conclusion." Everything else endangers the goal of obtaining as many jobs as possible.
Verdi believes that further medical records are possible
Verdi, meanwhile, showed an understanding of the sickness reports. They are "in no way surprising" in this situation. It could not be ruled out that other employees could be included. At the same time, the union called on the workers to continue maintaining the flight operations in order not to endanger their jobs. Investors' talks should concern not only economic interests, but also the jobs of more than 8,000 employees. "The fear and rage of the Air Berlin escalate, because it concerns here existences of entire families," warned Verdi federal executive committee Christine Behle.
Lastly, Air Berlin had to cancel numerous long-haul flights in order to save costs. Because of the lack of trust the customers broke the bookings and thus led to a loss business. It was only on Monday that Air Berlin had announced its intention to end its Caribbean flight program from September 25 and to prefer the deletion of US flights. The reason for this was according to Iffert that a leasing company wanted to have ten long-distance machines.
Lufthansa has officially declared its interest in Air Berlin. The low-cost Easyjet airline is also a potential buyer, while the Thomas Cook subsidiary Condor, according to a company owner, is preparing an offer. The entrepreneur Hans Rudolf Wöhrl has already submitted a variable offer, which, however, was skeptical for industry experts. In certain circumstances, he was considering legal action, if he did not get it, Wöhrl said the day's level.


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