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Insider update: Onenote converts manuscript into print text

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Gadgets

Microsoft has introduced some new features of its office office software. There are some new options that only users of the beta program can use, so-called insiders. The most exciting new feature is handwriting recognition for Onenote.

Handwriting is recognized and replaced by typed text
With it, users can convert their handwritten text into printed letters. Notes can no longer be used exclusively in the original format, but also as typed text. How well the handwriting recognition works will have to show.
If users have entered colorful text handwritten, the conversion should take this into account. Textmarked handwriting should also have the same text markings after conversion to text.
The conversion does not take place automatically: Users have to mark handwritten text using a lasso tool and then click on a button. The text is then converted and replaced. Other new features include new ink patterns, graph functions and the possibility to set links to specific paragraphs.
Update for Fast Ring users
To install the update, users must be a participant in the Office Insider program. This can be done easily through the settings of the Office programs .. The Onenote innovations are initially only those users who have chosen the Fast Ring as a distribution channel. In contrast to the Slowring, there are updates here, which can sometimes be less mature. In the future the function should also be installed in the normal Onenote version.


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