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Indignation after Alexander Gauland's Wehrmacht utterances

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

With the demand "to be proud of the achievements of German soldiers in two world wars" Alexander Gauland has driven his provocations to the top. The SPD and the Greens react indignantly – and shoot sharply against the AfD top chandler.

As it was only now known, Gauland demanded a closing note under the Nazi past at the so-called Kyffhäuser meeting of the AfD-Rechtsaußen on 2 September: "We do not have to hold on to these twelve years now not anymore, and that's what we're talking about. " First, the news portal BuzzFeed News reported.

Exclusively: Afd-top candidate Gauland finds that Germans should be proud of their achievements in two world wars. https://t.co/0ieifDUFiB # btw17 pic.twitter.com/uoK7T4vqpn- BuzzFeedNews (@BuzzFeedNews) September 14, 2017
Therefore, the Germans again had the right to "pride" on the deeds of the soldiers at this time, Gauland said wide. He conceded that the Nazi era was a "wrong past" with its crimes. But now there was the right "to bring back not only our country but our past." The public prosecutor's office in Mühlhausen in Thuringia wants to examine Gauland's speech. In Germany the denial of the Holocaust and the glorification of the Nazi dictatorship are punishable.

Oppermann: Open Tendency to Right-Wing Extremism
SPD faction chairman Thomas Oppermann accused Gauland of "tasteless historical misunderstanding". "I lack the power of imagining how to be proud of millions of dead, barbaric war crimes and a destruction of the whole of Europe." The utterances unmasked the AfD top candidate as "ultra-right militarists".

 Heiko Maas, Minister of Justice, went a step further: "Whoever claims that we should be 'proud' of the crimes of German soldiers in World War II must be accused of being a right-wing extremist." The AfD apparently wanted to become a "new political home for neo-Nazis".

Green Party chief Cem Özdemir warned: "This party is not a normal democratic party, in its ranks finds right-extremist ideology to the top." Volker Beck, the Green Party, declared that it was only possible to be proud of the few soldiers in the resistance and the deserters of the Wehrmacht.

"There is nothing to be proud of"
German soldiers were "on the eastern front also witnesses of the cowardly mass murders of Jews by the Einsatzgruppen directly behind the front" without opposing it. "There is nothing to be proud of," said Beck. The soldiers of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS had also "fought for the further massacres in Auschwitz".

The chairman of the satire party "The Party", Martin Sonneborn, commented on Gauland's speech in the short news service Twitter in his own way:

Have just seen Gauleiter #Gauland; it works with the same dirty means as we do! #Smiley # EsGabAttunitiesSeeWKII- Martin Sonneborn (@MartinSonneborn) September 15, 2017
The AfD group "The Wing", which organizes the Kyffhäuser meeting, stands for a ultra-right nationalist course of the party. An important role in this group is played by the AfD-Rechtsaußen Björn Höcke and André Poggenburg. The latter received nationwide attention when he used the NPD slogan "Germany the Germans" in internal chats and did not want to distance itself from it afterwards. The national association stood behind him, the federal executive council exhorted him.

SPD-chancellor candidate Martin Schulz now calls for an observation of the AfD by the constitutional protection against the "mirror". "The rhetoric of the people in the AfD front also shows that it is necessary to assume that not only at the base, but also in the leadership of the party, there is a conviction which is incompatible with the fundamental values ​​of our constitution." And further: "The top of the AfD is racist."

Merkel: "We have to draw clear red lines"
Schulz called the parties in the Bundestag to an attentive parliamentary deal with the AfD. "The agenda of the Bundestag is also valid for the AfD, but it would be fatal to work with it in the parliament – just as the CDU has already done in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt."

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said that after the arrival of the AfD into the new Bundestag, red lines would be drawn against racism and denigration. "We have to face the challenges, what can we do, we have to solve the problems." People's worries must be taken up.

"On the other hand, we also have to draw clear red lines, where there is a denigration of people where there are racist reservations," Merkel said. "And these clear lines will hopefully be drawn by many parties as well."

Gauland remains with his statements
Gauland himself defended his statements on demand, but rowed back again. "I am not at all denying that the war in the Second World War was involved in crimes," he said. "But I've called names, Rommel and Stauffenberg, and I said quite clearly that millions of German soldiers were brave and not involved in crimes." And it must be allowed to praise them.

"I also know that six million Jews have been murdered," Gauland continued. "But millions of German soldiers have done their duty for a criminal system, but the system is guilty and not the soldiers who were brave." In other words, he had said nothing more than France's then Francois Mitterrand on 8 May 1995 in a speech. "He praised the bravery of the German soldiers as well as of the other soldiers, and he put this bravery against the criminal regime," said Gauland. "And this personal bravery, one can be proud of."


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