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Illegal Party Disputes? Bundestag calls for an explanation of the AfD

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | World News

The Bundestag administration is following a doubtful election campaign for the alternative for Germany (AfD). It requires the AfD to comment on three complexes related to a Swiss advertising agency. Background is the accusation that the AfD might have accepted the company's illegal party disputes.

According to the parties law, donations exceeding the sum of 10,000 euros in the calendar year must be recorded in the account of the party. "Donations which in individual cases exceed the amount of EUR 50,000 are to be reported immediately to the President of the German Bundestag," the law states. The President of the Bundestag publishes the donations at regular intervals.

Meuthen: "Undertakings and false allegations of the facts"
Prior to this, the research office "Correctiv" and "Frontal21" had reported on a document that personally linked Jörg Meuthen to the advertising campaigns of the agency Goal AG before the 2016 Landtag election in Baden-Württemberg – although the AfD stated that it was not an initiative went out.

The party committee, Jörg Meuthen, said he welcomed it expressly when the Bundestag administration examined the facts. "In the next few days, we would also have contacted the Bundestag administration in order to bring the facts to an objective examination and, in this way, to correct the allegations and false allegations made by some media representatives." Meuthen is also a fractional party in the state parliament in Stuttgart.


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