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Illegal Party Dispatches? AfD-Meuthen and the money from Switzerland

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | World News

30.08.2017, 12:52 Uhr
   | Justus by Daniels, Marcus Bensmann, correctiv.org, cafetheology.org
 AfD party committee Jörg Meuthen has been inaugurated in a privately funded electoral campaign. According to experts, this could be an illegal party issue. The AfD has also been informed about a campaign in NRW. The trail leads to Switzerland.

In January 2016, the local weekly paper "Brettener Woche" received an order for an election announcement by the AfD top candidate Jörg Meuthen. According to CORRECTIV and "Frontal21", the Swiss advertising agency Goal AG advertised for a total of 4,500 euros six ads of the AfD politician for the state parliament election in Baden-Württemberg. The agency has already supported the AfD in other campaigns.

Meuthen says on request that he had nothing to do with the advertisement action. "Goal AG has designed and financed newspaper advertisements and posters with motifs and texts for my choice, without commissioning on my own behalf or by the party alternative for Germany or one of its regional associations (…)".

The display shows, among other things, a picture of Meuthen next to the "Choose Afd" option. Also a party logo is on display. It is not apparent to voters that it is not an official election to the party.

The client
Obviously there is an interest in the party to obscure the contracting parties of the grants from Switzerland. Fundamentally, donations must be indicated by the political parties. In addition, parties with a donation with a donation of 10,000 euros or more must name and address the donors.

 It would be much easier for both parties to make a donation: The Swiss advertising company could make the donation tax-deductible. For the party, donations in the balance sheet are positive: the more donations a party receives, the more grants are available from the state. The only reason not to accept a performance as a party broadcast is that one wants to obscure the origin.

In one case, Meuthen has already given support to Goal AG. So the company had set up a website for him. Alexander Segert, the head of Goal AG, said that he was a "friendships", said Meuthen to the association Lobbycontrol in May 2017. And further: "There is no further cooperation with Goal AG."

  Meuthen took over the liability by signing
Really? The research center CORRECTIV and "Frontal21" now have a statement, which contradicts the statements of Meuthen. The explanation was attached to the advertising application, in which the Swiss advertising company is listed as an advertiser, in the weekly paper "Brettener Woche". Signed by Meuthen personally, on February 11, 2016.

In this declaration Meuthen assumes liability for the content of "Advertising material (brochures / flyers etc.) and / or advertisements". The statement shows that the AfD boss was involved in the advertising campaign. Whether other papers were given such explanations is not yet known.

Swiss Goal AG has already supported several AfD campaigns with ads and posters. But the AfD does not want to officially know anything about a cooperation and does not declare the financial costs of the advertisements and posters as a donation.

Experts: Suspicion of illegal party disputes
How much money the Swiss paid for the newspaper advertisements, Meuthen does not want to answer. Only the following: After a careful and careful judicial review, "the advertising campaigns" of Goal AG do not constitute a party for the AfD or a donation for me personally, "the AfD chairman said on request.

The parties are different. "The suspicion of an illegal party dispute is pressing here", says party lawyer Sophie Schönberger from the University of Constance. "In all cases, it is a matter of a party disposition, if in this form in the advertisement campaign for Mr. Meuthen and at the same time for the AfD advertising is made."

The AfD would violate the law of parties if it does not provide financial support as a donation. It is sufficient for the party to be involved in the donation.

Annette Sawatzki of Lobbycontrol sees such a party announcement in the advertisements for Meuthen: "Mr Meuthen signs an exemption declaration that an agency may carry out election campaigns on its behalf. The Swiss agency then switches advertisements worth 4,500 euros. This is no longer an activity independent of Mr. Meuthen, but one that takes place in his name and on his behalf. "At the time of his signature for the advertising campaign, Jörg Meuthen was both Landessprecher in Baden-Württemberg and co-chairman of the federal party.

The distancing of the AfD from the generous choice of aid from Switzerland follows a pattern. Also in other election campaigns there was demonstrably an election sponsoring by Goal AG.

Also in NRW references to illegal donations
In the election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia in May this year, Goal AG advertised dozens of posters for the candidate Guido Reil. As a former SPD member, Reil was to become a driving force in the NRW election campaign. According to Reil, Goal AG offered him the free offer. Reil, like Meuthen, also signed an exemption.

The parliamentary candidate said later in an interview with CORRECTIV: On his demand, an employee of the Swiss agency had announced that the action had already been paid, but she could not name the client. He had reassured himself with a member of the Land Governor and his district chairman, Stefan Keuter, whether he could accept the offer.

Keuter said on request that there was no such call and that he did not know Goal AG. These statements from Reil are CORRECTIV on tape. They are unmistakable. The attorneys of the AfD reported that Reil had "expressed misgivings about CORRECTIV".

AfD politician Guido Reil knew about the privately financed campaigns in his favor. (Source: Roland Weihrauch / dpa)

Reil himself is not in the party chair, so it is not clear whether this donation is attributable to the party or only to the candidate. But the advertising posters were apparently the subject of the committee of the AfD in Essen.

This assures a participant of meetings in an affidavit that CORRECTIV is present. At one of the board meetings of the district association of the AfD in Essen before the state parliamentary elections in NRW, district chairman Keuter said that he knew sponsors who would particularly like to encourage Mr. Guido Reil to set up and finance large-scale placards. "

Dubios Association supports the election campaign
Keuter did not comment on this request. Goal AG also did not answer questions about the advertising measures for Reil and AfD CEO Meuthen.

There are other strings in Switzerland for the advertising agency Goal AG. A Stuttgart-based association, which thanks to anonymous donors supports AfD campaigns with the pressure of hundreds of thousands of free newspapers and also with posters, has set up a forwarding of its office communication to Goal AG. Goal-CEO Segert has now admitted that the AfD support agency "Law and Freedom" has commissioned him with the Bürologistik as well as the advertisements for the AfD. The club had nothing to do with the party, however, according to club leader David Bendels.

The amount of money donated by the anonymous donors to the AfD electoral assistance through the detour of Switzerland is difficult to estimate. However, much more than 50,000 euros will be charged for the posters and advertisements. CORRECTIV told Vereinschef Bendels about the donors of the club with a view to the Bundestag election campaign: "The donors want to remain anonymous."

The Bundestag's administration would now have to examine whether the subsidies to the party law were in breach.


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