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Id Software: Quake Champions Launches Early Access

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

On 22nd August 2017 the closed Betatest of the action game Quake Champions ends. From the same day the game will be available on Steam via Early Access, according to Publisher Bethesda. The price is supposed to be around 30 euros, which according to the company will be around 10 euros less than the later available full version. Anyone who has already redeemed a code for Betatest may continue to play for free. This works only then over Bethesda.net, the players fight however on the same servers as the buyers of the early access version.

Only in the coming Montan then also a free-to-play version of Quake Champions appears. It will contain all the cards and weapons, and every player with Ranger gets the same standard. If you want to use another champion, you must buy it or buy it with real money – the same applies to cosmetic extras.
With the early access version, buyers get all eleven so far published in the beta according to the manufacturer. By the end of 2018 at least six additional projects will be added. There is a special skin for Ranger, which will not be available at all, as well as three boot boxes containing skins, shaders, name tags and the like.
Focus is on E-Sport
Quake Champions is also aimed at e-athletes, a campaign should not be similar to the approach-similar overwatch. The different champions have a slightly different speed, life energy and armor. In addition, there are active and up to three passive abilities. Anarki, for example, survives a bit longer because of the injection and can glide through the surroundings on a hoverboard. Nyx has a temporary camouflage without the option to shoot, Sorlag spits acidity and Visor looks briefly through walls at the push of a button.

Technically, the program is based on a mixture of id-tech and Saber engine. With appropriate hardware, players can use an image rate of 120 fps or more. The developer studio id software also works on a volcano rendering path to get even more fps out of the hardware. Quake Champions only appears for PCs. In April 2017, Golem.de was able to play the title in detail.


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