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IBM and Volkswagen want to jointly shape mobility of the future

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

Self-propelled cars, electric mobility, vehicle service providers and more: Networking in the automotive industry is growing steadily. In order to survive in this world, Volkswagen is now teaming up with tech giant IBM. The five-year partnership is designed to jointly develop digital mobility services.

          The core of this cooperation is, among other things, the use of IBM's "Hybrid Cloud" to support Volkswagen's digital ecosystem. The first joint development of this ecosystem will be a service called "We Commerce", which should give the driver suggestions for action – for example petrol station suggestions or accommodation possibilities. Retailers, petrol station chains, the hotel sector or the hospitality industry, we should use "We Commerce" to place their offers in a targeted way – and on the individual customers. Once the customer has given his consent, IBM's Artificial Intelligence Watson ensures that these services learn from the preferences and habits of the respective driver to make personalized suggestions as targeted as possible. "These new digital products are developed by interdisciplinary teams according to agile principles in the shortest possible development and testing cycles to create services that are tailored to actual customer needs," says Jürgen Stackmann, sales manager of the Volkswagen brand.
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      The newly developed services are operated via a Volkswagen cloud and a hybrid cloud from IBM. The basic services of the Volkswagen digital platform are to be combined with the cognitive skills – for example, machine learning – in the IBM Cloud. "Our goal is to establish an open marketplace for developers, which gives them the opportunity to build a common digital platform," said Dirk Wollschläger, IBM's General Manager Global Automotive Industry. What the VW Group could be doing in the future not until March of this year at the Automobile Fair in Geneva. There, the company presented its first concept of a self-propelled car, which was named "Sedric" (self-driving car) and no human driver needed anymore. In this way, the Wolfsburgers want to drive ahead the development of so-called automated driving – according to experts, a future growth area for the automotive sector. Digital marketing in focus Now every week intensified in HORIZONT Print! Interest? Then best to use our current test-read offer with digital marketing focus. Click here to order
IBM is not the first partner in the tech world, with whom the Wolfsburgers were short. In June it was announced that Volkswagen is cooperating with Nvidia to expand its efforts in the area of ​​deep learning. The US company had made a name for itself many years ago as a graphics card manufacturer, but now pushes with high pressure into the market for artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. The cooperation between Volkswagen and Nvidia is mainly used in the so-called data lab of the Autobauer in Munich come. DeepLearning specialists are developing advanced AI systems for business processes and mobility services. For example, the researchers are working on new procedures that can be used to optimize traffic flows in cities. ron





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