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"I am determined by my life"

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | World News

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) wants to move to the Russian oil company Rosneft, despite harsh criticism. In an election campaign, he reproached himself against allegations that he had been instrumentalized by the Kremlin and warned of a "demonization" of Russia.

"I will do that," Schröder defended his decision in the Rotenburg on the Wümme in Lower Saxony. "It is about my life, and that is what I determine – and not the German press." He wanted to help secure the energy security of Germany and Europe, added the old Chancellor.

Whether he should take over as chairman of the supervisory board at Rosneft, as Russian media reported, Schröder initially left open. The Social Democrat explained to his motives that it was not reasonable to isolate Russia for economic and political reasons. "The demonization of Russia does not help anyone."

Schröder: "I am not usable"
Rosneft was by no means "the extended arm of the Russian government," Schröder said. British Petroleum (BP), Qatar or Glencore are also involved in the world's largest oil company. The board of nine members of the Supervisory Board is not Russian-dominated.

Asked whether he was not afraid to be used by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a sign for Rosneft, Schröder replied: "I am not usable." He also does not have the impression that Putin is doing this with him, Schröder said.

 In the wake of the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, EU sanctions were imposed on Rosneft. SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz had distanced himself from Schröder's plans.


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