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Hyperflight: China plans superschnelle Vactrain

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

As the hyperloop, only faster: The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (Casic) plans a so-called Vactrain, which is to be at 4,000 kilometers per hour. The project was announced by Liu Shiquan, deputy director of the state-owned company.

Similar to the spacecraft boss Elon Musk designed Hyperloop is also the hyperflight of a largely airless tube on the road. Thus the air resistance is greatly reduced. In addition, it should move by magnetic levitation technology, so that no friction is created.
Hyperflight should be used first
Casic plans three stages for the means of transport, reports the state news agency Xinhua: First, a regional network will connect several cities. Here, the hyperflight is hovering with 1,000 kilometers per hour – this is slower than the hyperloop, which is to travel with 1,200 kilometers per hour. Then the net is to be expanded nationally and finally also neighboring countries. In the country the trains are to be 2,000 kilometers, on international routes 4,000 kilometers per hour fast.
Casic wants to implement the project with 20 partners from China and other countries, said Liu. There is no schedule.
Scientists are skeptical
Experts, however, are skeptical. Zhao Jian, a researcher at the Transport University in Beijing, told the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post that the human body can withstand the acceleration needed to reach a speed of 4,000 kilometers per hour for only a short time.

In addition, it is questionable whether such a means of transport is economically reasonable: the passenger volume is much too low for such an expensive project.


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