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Hurricane "Irma" rages in Florida

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

Hurricane "Irma" has captured the US state of Florida with full force. Numerous cities are under water, millions of people are without electricity. The worst is yet to come, experts warn.

The hurricane drew over the group of islands Florida Keys on Sunday morning (local time), then landed a little farther north on the west coast of the US state, then proceeded a little more easterly than expected US weather service.

Power supply breaks down in many places
The most severe damage threatened almost the entire state, but the exact extent was not yet apparent. More than 3.3 million households were in the night to Monday without electricity. US President Donald Trump announced he wanted to travel to Florida as soon as possible to get a picture of the damage. More than 12,000 flights to and from Florida have been canceled.

  The storm brought overcrowding on both shores, so TV pictures showed, for example, flooding in downtown Miami. On Sunday afternoon (local time), Irma was downgraded from category 2 to category 3 and then to category 2, but the storm did not suffer from danger.

Six tornadoes – construction cranes collaps
On Sunday morning "Irmas" eye with wind speeds of more than 200 kilometers had reached the island chain Florida Keys. There, in many places "Land unter". Later in the day six tornadoes developed on the east coast alone, as the national weather service reported. Further hurricanes would have to be expected. In Miami at least two large building cranes collapsed in the storm, reported the "Miami Herald". As the ABC radio reported in Florida, three people died on Sunday morning (local time) in traffic accidents caused by the weather.

 The eye of the hurricane passed over the city of Naples on the east coast of Florida. (Source: David Goldman / AP / dpa)

According to recent forecasts, the hurricane should continue north west of the coast of Florida, but not as far west as last seen. So the eye of the storm hit the mainland on Sunday afternoon (local time) south of the city of Naples. At the airport of the city was measured a blast with 229 km kilometers, the US hurricane center reported. In addition, the mirror of the ocean in front of Naples rose by more than two meters within just 90 minutes.

Meteorologist warns of storm turmoil after "Irma"
The problem: "Irma" is wider than the Florida peninsula. Apart from heavy rain, the gigantic weather system led to a curious situation: On its "right" side, on the east coast, the huge vortex caused the first floods, according to Miami. In pictures and videos we could see how Wassermassen roll through downtown Miami. At its "left" side, the cyclone pushed the water away from the west coast. Pictures showed empty port basins; elsewhere the water was meters away from the beach promenade.

The satellite image shows that the storm covers the entire state of Florida. (Source: NOAA / AP / dpa)

The meteorologists, however, warned that the water would come back to the west coast in a kind of swinging movement, while it would drain in the east. From Fort Myers up to Tampa, the remaining people prepared for the worst and up to 4.5 meters high storm floods. "The worst comes when the eye is pulled through – then the water comes," said a meteorologist at CNN.

More than six million people evacuated
In Florida, more than 6.5 million people had previously been asked to leave their homes and get safe before the storm. This corresponds to about 30 percent of the population of the federal state – it was one of the largest evacuation campaigns in the history of the USA. Well over 100,000 people were waiting in emergency accommodations.

#Hurricane #Irma winds relentlessly battering downtown Tampa. Hard to believe how tightly these palm trees hold onto their fronds pic.twitter.com/bAdDLAlbZp- Josh Knight (@ ABC7Josh) September 11, 2017
The emergency was also called out in neighboring states of Florida. For some areas in southern Georgia, hurricane warnings were applied. In Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, as a precaution, mobilized the National Guard.

"Irma" has been holding the region for days. On his travel through the Caribbean, the storm had cost more than 20 people, according to unofficial estimates, some areas are considered uninhabitable. There were serious damage on the islands of Barbuda, Saint-Martin, Saint-Bartélémy and the Virgin Islands.


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