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Hurricane "Harvey" steered in Texas

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | World News

Hurricane "Harvey" moves to the coast of Texas with huge force. He brings with him three great dangers: a storm surge, a violent wind, and vast quantities of water.

"Harvey" is to meet in the night to Saturday on land. "Texas is about to experience a major disaster," said the director of National Disaster Control Fema, Brocklong, CNN.

"Harvey" has been upgraded to a category three storm on his way to Texas. He has landed at wind speeds of more than 190 kilometers per hour, according to the National Hurricane Warning Center in Miami.

"Harvey" is a "very big disaster"

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, expects Hurricane "Harvey" a "huge disaster" for his state in the coming days. Abbott called on the inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico to leave the affected coastal region and low-lying areas. Whoever lives between Corpus Christi and Houston should urgently consider leaving the region. "Harvey" has evolved into a very dangerous and complex hurricane, Abbott told media. Texas in several regions with rainfall in record height. Moreover, no one could predict the amount of the predicted storm surge.

 National Hurricane Center on the impact of Hurricane Harvey: "Venues may be uninhabitable for weeks or months." Https://t.co/aBPMA4uqr7 pic.twitter.com/0s8BGAyR3i- CNN (@CNN) August 25, 2017
The consequences of the storm for the coastal region could be dramatic. The NHC warned on Friday that the strong winds could lead to serious damage to buildings. Caravan resettlements threaten even "total destruction". Some places could be "uninhabitable" for days or weeks by storm winds and floods, a message said.

First Hurricane test for President Trump
"Harvey" could not only be the first major hurricane for more than a decade, it could also be the first major natural disaster in the office of President Donald Trumps. There are five hurricane stages, "Harvey" is a potential "strong three": wind speeds of 180 to well over 200 kilometers per hour are possible.

"I do not want to sound dramatic, but I fear an epic flood disaster," the former president of the US meteorological society, Marshall Shepherd, twittered.

Some models est 2 to 4 FEET #Harvey rainfall..Trying not to be dramatic but I fear epic flood catastrophe. Happy to be wrong. Pray I am..BUT pic.twitter.com/nDwdXlKmbS- Marshall Shepherd (@ DrShepherd2013) August 24, 2017
Experts fear that in some places up to 75 centimeters of rain can fall, perhaps even up to 1.20 meters. On average, it should be "only" 30 to 55 centimeters. "Someone will get so heavy rain that he will be able to tell his grandchildren about it," said Bill Read, who used to lead the hurricane center, the Washington Post.

16 million people are affected
A total of 16 million people are living here between the city of Brownsville and the metropolis of Houston, with a coastline of about 560 kilometers in length. On the Texas Gulf coast there is also abundant petrochemical industry that could be affected by the Harveys' impact. This applies to the systems themselves and also to the petrol prices.

In the port town of Corpus Christi, residents are waiting for their evacuation. (Source: Courtney Sacco / Corpus Christi Caller-Times / AP / dpa)

An evacuation was ordered for the inhabitants of seven districts on the coast, but they did not have to bend. According to reporters on the spot and the newspaper "Caller Times", public life has largely come to a halt in the port city of Corpus Christi, with a population of 300,000. There, an evacuation was initially only voluntary.

There are four or six days of rainfall
If things are going badly and the storm continues to move slowly, there might be rainfall between four and six days until next week. In the worst case, the hurricane could wander over the state for days. The hurricane center warned of flooding in the state of Louisiana and northern Mexico in the beginning of next week. "Harvey's footprint will be tremendous because it takes so long," wrote the Washington Post.

Texas: "Get out, please." Https://t.co/8ZENO4a69j https://t.co/EoOH1E8fyr- CNN (@CNN) August 25, 2017
"Harvey" brewed as a gravure area and then as a tropical storm over the currently extremely warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly thereafter the Texas governor Greg Abbott called for his state already the emergency, which is mainly the reason for a simpler financial support also with federal funds.

Corpus Christie resident tells @CNNValencia why he's not evacuating despite the warnings. https://t.co/OLwd5JbYDe https://t.co/JDk6q7vu9v- CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) August 25, 2017
A major role will play whether the storm will arrive at the time of flood or ebb on the coast. Flood would be bad because the water would already be high.

Texas experienced his last hurricane in 2008, he was named "Ike". At that time, as well as in Louisiana and Arkansas, 21 people died. "Ike" is considered a comparatively small hurricane.


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