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Hurricane "Harvey" reaches Texas: meteorologists expect "epic flood catastrophe"

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | World News

In the US, Hurricane "Harvey" reached land. The cyclone of the second highest category has triggered a disaster alarm in the state of Texas. Hundreds of thousands of people are to leave their homes.

The eye of the storm was hit on the mainland, the National Hurricane Center said. The winds reach speeds between 185 and 233 km / h. US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he had called the disaster state at the request of the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. This would make government funding available for relief.

About 16 million people affected
The hurricane could become the heaviest storm in the US since twelve years ago "Katrina" had devastated the city of New Orleans and the surrounding area. A total of 16 million people are living here between the city of Brownsville and Houston, with a coastal strip of about 560 kilometers in length.

  An evacuation was ordered for the inhabitants of seven districts along the coast, but they did not have to bend. According to reporters on the spot and the newspaper "Caller Times", the public life in the port city of Corpus Christi with a good 300,000 inhabitants has largely declined.

21 dead at last hurricane "Ike"
Many people escaped from the coast towards the cities of San Antonio or Austin, which could also be reached from the foothills of Harvey. The effects are to be felt up to New Orleans. Texas experienced its last hurricane in 2008, bearing the name "Ike". At that time, as well as in Louisiana and Arkansas, 21 people died. "Ike" is considered a comparatively small hurricane.

 #Harvey made landfall at 10 PM CDT as a category 4 hurricane near Rockport, Texas, with max winds of 130 mph and min pressure of 938 mb. Pic.twitter.com/98y5wpKmBw- NHC Atlantic Ops (@NHC_Atlantic) August 26, 2017
Governor expects "huge disaster"
Abbott expects a "huge disaster" for his state in the coming days. The Governor called on the inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico to leave the affected coastal region and low-lying areas. Anyone who lives between Corpus Christi and Houston – the fourth-largest city in the US, should urgently consider leaving the region.

"Harvey" has developed into a very dangerous and complex hurricane, Abbott said. Texas in several regions with rainfall at record height. Moreover, no one could predict the amount of the predicted storm tide. The two-million metropolis of Houston is an oil town with numerous refineries important for the energy supply of the USA.

"I do not want to sound dramatic, but I'm afraid an epic flood disaster," Marshall Sheperd, the former president of the meteorological society of the US, twittered. Experts fear that in some places a total of up to 75 centimeters of rain per square meter can fall, even in a storm tide very much more. On average, it should be 30 to 55 centimeters per square meter.


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