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Hurricane "Harvey" and its flood are still threatening days

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | World News

Houston (dpa) – Hurricane "Harvey" has severely damaged the electricity network at many coastal cities in the US state of Texas. Around 293,000 people are currently without electricity, reported the network operator Ercot on Saturday morning (local time) on his website.

At the beginning of the first clean up, there were no confirmed figures for the dead or injured. The night before, "Harvey" had reached the mainland. As the first hurricane for twelve years, he had been assigned to heavy category 4. By Saturday morning, he was downgraded to Category 1, but the US National Weather Service continued to warn of devastating floods, rainfall and floods that could continue in the south-west of the state until the middle of next week.

Charles Wax, mayor of the particularly heavily affected coastal town of Rockport, advised the citizens to write their social security number on their arm in order to be identified in the event of a catastrophe. The storm had hit the city with almost 240 kilometers per hour. Now an even greater danger of floods, a reporter told the news channel CNN. Around 50 per cent of the inhabitants had decided to remain in the danger zone, despite different recommendations. Death victims would be feared.

According to CNN meteorologists, it is expected that some areas would be "uninhabitable for weeks or months". The top US disaster guard also called on the Texans on Saturday to take Hurricane "Harvey" very seriously. The storm is developing into a "deadly domestic event," Brock Lang, head of the US Disaster Relief Agency (FEMA), twittered in the morning.

On Saturday, CNN showed video of floods, damage to many buildings, fallen trees and electricity masts. First emergency teams were set up to provide citizens included in their homes, a reporter reported. In the city of Port Lavaca, the sea level rose by about two meters in seven hours.

 US President Donald Trump praised the commitment of the top disaster manager and the collaboration between local and federal authorities. "We leave nothing to chance," Trump twittered, spending the weekend on President Landsitz Camp David (Maryland). He had called for the emergency at the request of the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. In the US, this happens in many emergency situations, because then government money for aid measures is fully available.

On the coast, the hurricane had still reached wind speeds of more than 130 miles (over 210 kilometers) per hour. However, the hurricane center soon dropped it to category 3 and finally to the second lowest stage after the maximum wind speed had dropped to 110 mph (177 km / h).

An evacuation had been ordered for the inhabitants of seven districts along the coast, but they did not have to follow it. It was expected that "Harvey" will pull over the Southeast of Texas in the coming days. A 16 million-inhabitated area between the city of Brownsville and Houston, with a coastline of about 560 kilometers in length, is potentially affected.


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